TomTom GO 510

I installed virtualbox on Ubuntu so I could use MyDrive Connect, as they do not have a Linux version.

It is a bit of a kludge, but it saves having to use another PC, you just need a Windows disk, it does work very well but there are a few points to watch out for.



  • virtualbox
  • virtualbox-ext-pack


  • Add yourself to the vboxusers group
  • logout and login
  • Run virtualbox
  • Enable the USB controller to use USB 2.0
  • Create a new virtual machine
  • Select the defaults, the only change I made was to use a dynamic drive.
  • I used an old Windows 7 DVD
  • Install MyDrive Connect
  • If it starts close it down
  • Plugin the TomTom directly, using their USB cable
  • Right click on the USB icon to enable the TomTom Satnav USB connection, an icon bottom RH of the screen
  • Start MyDrive Connect


  • Take your time when running MyDrive Connect, don't rush!
  • When finished, I suggest deleting all data in /userxxx/AppData/Local/TomTom/cache/ it was c. 6GB on my PC
  • Make sure the USB connection for your SatNav is enabled.

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