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9 Ladies Our annual hippy walk, only a couple of tents this time, probably they forgot to go home after the summer solstice on the 21st June. 
Ashford Bakewell A pleasant walk, we missed the rain, another use for a pub! But the beer was very poor and expensive, we must try somewhere else next time we are in Bakewell. 
Bonsall Winster A beautiful sunny day, with about an inch of snow on the ground, there were very few people around, but the Miners Standard in Winster was pretty full. 
Derwent Mouth The weather was forecast to be foul but it turn out pretty good, as was the Navigation in Breaston for lunch. 
Draycott An Erewash Autumn Footprints walk, not very interesting, too much road work, although there were a couple of interesting bits. There were around 40 people on the walk. 
Draycott An experimental walk to see if it was dog friendly, it was apart for one style near Breaston which can easily be by passed by walking through the village. It was very, very muddy in places but there had been floods recently. 
Elton Youlgreave Amazingly a Bank Holiday weekend when it was sunny and warm! A beautiful day with very few people around. 
Elvaston Castle As the weather forecast for the Peak District was foul we did a local walk. The conditions were not too bad just very high winds occasionaly but no rain as such. 
Great Longstone Very few people about, we must be getting fitter, we got to the pub too early, it was closed. We settled for an ice cream later instead. 
Gunthorpe Bridge Just a short stroll in an area I have never walked before, a very nice easy walk, the £6 meal at the Unicorn Hotel Gunthorpe was filling and excellent. 
Hallam Fields Lock I planned to walk to Ilkeston, but the towpath was closed at Hallam Fields Lock, so I decided to turn back, the alternate route was on roads which I did not fancy. 
Hathersage A very pleasant walk, much greaner than normal, lots of people around. 
Ilkeston A walk to Morrisons before the foul weather arrived, I took the bus home. 
Ilkeston A short local walk as most of the Peak District was flooded, even the A6 was closed in several places as were roads through Derby. 
Ladek-Zdroj Szlaka 3 We followed the szlaka (path) number 3, it was mostly through forests, rather like the Forestry commission tracks at home, a short section around Troyak was interesting though. 
Lathkill Dale A pleasant walk, the dappled sunlight in Lathkill Dale was superb, the pub at Monyash was not too bad either. 
Longshaw Estate Our plan was to walk Lathkill Dale but the envronmental agency web site was showing flood warnings for just about every river and tributary, we decide to go higher. It was a superb walk one of the best for ages, the colours were brilliant. 
Long Causeway Just a short stroll. 
Long Eaton An Autumn Footprints historical walk around Long Eaton, it was very interesting I learnt a lot of new facts. 
Lumsdale Valley Not the planned walk, but as the bluebells were out and it was both a sunny day and the Easter weekend, we thought there would be less traffic if we started from Whatstandwell Bridge. At 10:30 the traffic was queing up at the Cromford crossroads. 
Makeney Our standard walk to the Holly Bush at Makeney, fortunately unaffected by the recent fllods due to a burst water main. The path to Belper had a sign saying closed, but it only applied to the bridleway that had been eroded by the water, it was open as far as the path. 
Mam Tor Ridge A very murky morning, there were loads of people around plus lots of DoE groups. Above Rushup Edge there were over 20 paragliders, must be the breeding season! 
Milldale Harington A superd day, not a cloud in the sky and very few people about. We even took a different route back from Hartington, one I have never done before. 
Risley Lodge Farm A short local walk, very muddy though. We had a very nice , filling, lunch at The Navigation. 
Rowsley The day started off misty but after lunch it was warm and very sunny, there were loads of people around. 
S'albufera Des GrauA short walk around a nature reserve, the tramontana wind was vicious. 
Shardlow An eventful walk, in Long Eaton the tow path was closed because of a police incident, we think there was a body in the canal. Near Shardlow the tow path was under water, fortunately there was a simple detour. 
This is first time I have seen the path under water near Shardlow and the Derwent Mouth. 
Stanton By Dale A friend of mine's rambling group was starting a short walk near my house so I decided to join then, a pleasant short stroll, they even used a path I have not walked. 
Stanton By Dale The weather forecast for the Peak District was bad, so we did a local walk, the weather was very nice until about a mile from home when the heavens opened up! 
Stanton By Dale As the Peak District walk was cancelled at short notice I just did a short experimental walk. Fairly pleasant but spoilt by the proximinty of the M1. 
Trent Lock A short stroll to see the current state of the floods. 
Trent Lock A short stroll for a pub lunch and to look at the floods. 
West Park under water. 
Wardlow Fianlly after about 2 months we did the walk! It was misty most of the day and we had to detour back via Wardlow as Cressbrook Dale was flooded. 
White Edge The morning was superb, the visibility was excellent as were the colours. In the afternoon it clouded over a bit. 


9 Ladies Our standard hippie walk, a bit late this year, so no Hippies, a very hot day, England even beat Sweden in the World Cup quarter finals today! 
Baths Of AphroditeA pleasant short stroll from the car park, the easy route is via the botanical garden, but the track to the right has some very nice views over the camp site. 
Caldera ColaradaWe were driving past, saw the parked cars and decided to walk it, a pleasant easy walk. 
Derby I felt my ankle might not stand up to a Peak District walk so we did a local one. It was still very boggy especially when crossing fields with horses in them. 
Elton Youlgreave A pleasant day, not as hot as forecast, very few people around, but we did see one of "Mad Max's" friends. 
Elvaston Castle A beutiful warm day, just right for a stroll around Elvaston Castle. 
Elvaston Castle Just a short stroll to look at the autumnal colours. 
Eyam Stoke Ford A very pleasant day, The Barrel was packed and it looks like it has been modernised. There was Well Dressing at Foolow. 
Hope Castleton A very wam day, the start of the main school holidays. It was dull all day the promised sun never really came out. 
Ilkeston Our annual Christmas walk to Ilkeston, There was an amber snow warning in force, but we got home on the bus before any real snow came down. 
Ilkeston Our Christmas walk to Ilkeston, this year it was at Christmas for a change! We tried the Spanish bar this time, good beer but the decor was different to my expectations. 
Lathkill Dale A very misty humid day. I have never seen such large groups of people walking down Lathkill Dale. Some were doing their DoE silver tests. 
Los Roques De GarciaThe standard tourist stroll, as usual most peple did not go far from the car park. 
Milldale Hartington It srtarted off misty but the sun soon came out, there were a huge number of people in Dove Dale, almost like a Bank Holiday Monday, but the cheese shop was very quiet. 
Monsal Head A mid week walk for a change. Much quieter than a Saturday, but the road traffic was horrendous. 
Necròpoli De Son RealA short wak from the hotel to an interesting prehistoric necropolis. 
Over Haddon A bank holiday weekend and is was sunny! Amazingly very few people walking but the pub beer gardens were full. 
Padley Gorge One of the standard walks, The Little John Inn has slightly improved,  not that many people about. The main reason for the walk was to drop into Outside in Hathersage. 
PafosJust a short stroll by the seafront and along the path next to the Archaeological Park, which has some fascinating mosaics. 
Parc Natural De S'albuferaA surprsingly pleasant short walk. 
Shardlow A horrible drizzly day, the path was very muddy in places, but the pub lunch was good! 
Shardlow Not the planned walk, the Peak District weather looked iffy, a pleasant walk but a bit grey and drizzly. Near Breaston we came across a new horse/pedestrian bridge over the railway line, I have never seen anything like it before! 
TroodosA so called 'easy walk' in places it was potentially dangerous, e.g. stepping over a pipe angled over the path on a narrow section with a drop on one side.  
Upper Burbage Bridge A very hot day with loads of people around, we were not impressed by the quality of the beer at the Grouse Inn we had to take the Pedigree back, as did other people. The Mansfied bitter was not much better but my Wainwright was fine. 
Volcán Del CuervoI last walked this with my mother on her 91st birthday, we walked it again this year, she was 93, but it was not her birthday. 
Whatstandwell Our usual bluebell walk, a bit late this year though, we did see a few though. A different start point to our usual one. 


9 Ladies Our Hippy walk was a bit late this year, still a few tents around though. 
Ashford Bakewell We had planned another walk but the weather did not look very good so we did a lower level one, but on the whole it was a pleasant day. 
Bakewell Not the planned walk which was supposed to be around the edges becase there was a lot of mist/fog around, it was short but pleasant. 
Belper Makeney Our Christmas walk to The Holly Bush, although the weather has been below zero there was lots of mud around. 
Bonsal As fog was forecast in Hathersage we decided to do this walk instead, the morning was a typical trig points in mist day, the afternoon was a bit better. 
Calton Lees Very few walkers about but loads of cyclists on the Bridleways, there were still lots of bluebells around. 
Cardinham WoodsA very nice Forestry Commission site, a very easy well surfaced path. 
Cromford Canal Just a short stroll, a very warm day for the time of year but the promised sun never showed up. Although ex Huricane Othelia did give the sun an interesting colour when viewed through the gloom. 
Cruz De TejedaA walk from my guide book, some nice views but not really a very interesting walk. 
Devil's HopyardA short stroll around the State Park whilst on holiday in Vermont. 
EloraA short stroll whilst on holiday in Ontario. 
Eyam A cloudy day, very few people around,  it warmed up towards the end of the walk when the sun came out. 
Fanshaw VillageA short stroll whilst on holiday in Ontario. 
Felker's FallsA short stroll whilst on holiday in Ontario. 
GoderichA short stroll whilst on holiday in Ontario. 
Grassy WatersA short stroll around  the Cypress Boardwalk at the Grassy Waters Preserve whilst on holiday in Florida. 
Gumbo LimboA short stroll around the Gumbo Limbo Nature Reserve whilst on holiday in Florda. 
Harris ParkA short stroll whilst on holiday in Ontario. 
Jardin BotanicoA stroll around the largest botanical garden in Spain, and it was free! 
Loxahatchee RefugeA short stroll around  the Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge whilst on holiday in Florida. 
Lumsdale Valley Our normal bluebell walk, there were loads around this year but unfortunately is was a dull cloudy day. 
Makeney Our standard 'Christmas' walk, the forecast was for frost but it was a real quagmire. The Holly Bush at Makeney was excelent as usual. 
MalagaA short holiday just to see what Torremolinos was like, surprisingly nice actually, there was a very easy walk along the mostly flat promenade.  
Maspalomas Just a stroll whilst we were on holiday in Gran canaria. 
Maspalomas Just a stroll whilst we were on holiday in Gran canaria. 
Maspalomas Just a stroll whilst we were on holiday in Gran canaria. 
Maspalomas Just a stroll whilst we were on holiday in Gran canaria. 
Maspalomas Just a stroll whilst we were on holiday in Gran canaria. 
Maspalomas Just a stroll whilst we were on holiday in Gran canaria. 
Mundo AborigenA surprisingly interesting walk around a museum, with some excellent views of the surrounding countryside. 
NewquayWe took the bus from Watergate Bay and as there did not seem to be any bus back we walked instead. 
NewquayWe walked to Newquay and caught the bus back. 
Parque De La PalomaA short holiday just to see what Torremolinos was like, surprisingly nice actually, there was a very easy walk along the mostly flat promenade.  
Playa De MoganA stroll around the 'Venice' of Gran Canaria, very touristy. 
Port StanleyA short stroll whilst on holiday in Ontario. 
Roque NuebloA very easy stroll to this famoust peak. 
Shardlow The planned walk was in the Peak District , but it was raining there, so we did a local walk instead. The rain started when we were on the fist bus home! 
St MarysA short stroll whilst on holiday in Ontario. 
The Edges We had planned to walk Gratton Dale, but as it looked boggy we did this walk instead. Even The Edges were really boggy I have never seen it as bad, I hate to think what Gratton Dale would have been like. Once the mist cleared it was a beautiful day, there were loads of people around. 
Thorpe A beautiful day, it started out misty but soon cleared. Dovedale was packed. 
Torremolinos Paseo MartimoA short holiday just to see what Torremolinos was like, surprisingly nice actually, there was a very easy walk along the mostly flat promenade.  
TorrimolinosA short holiday just to see what Torremolinos was like, surprisingly nice actually, there was a very easy walk along the mostly flat promenade.  
Towan HeadJust a stroll from the caravan site. 
Upper Burbage Bridge A beautiful day, I have never seen than many people and parked cars around Padley Gorge. 
Watergate BeachA short stroll before we caught the bus to Newquay to continue the walk. 
Whatstandwell This was supposed to be a walk to see the autumn colours, but the leaves had not turned yet. Leawood Pump House was in steam, also The Bear was interesting as usual. 
ZennorA very easy walk with excellent views, the church is interesting as well. 


Alderwasley We don't usually do this walk at this time of year, next year we must wait a month or so until the leaves have turned and probably start from the small car park next to Whatstandwell bridge so we can get to The Bear Inn for lunch. 
Area Recreativa De ChioWe stumbled over this recreation area whilst driving to El Teide it was very interesting, an excellent barbeque area and a marked path we followed for a short while. 
Ashford Bakewell It was very icy and slippery, it was too dangerous to walk down to the Monsal Head Viaduct from the carpark so we detoured through Little Longstone instead. 
Blędne SkalyA fascinating c. 30 minute walk through some rock formations, it is very narrow in places, I had to squat down to get through some sections. 
ClovellyWalking to Clovelly has one main advantage, you don't pay the admisiion fee to get in! 
Combe MartinThis was a walk from a brochure we got from the tourist information office, it was horrible, don't do it! No views, you walk on the road rather tham a bridleway that runs parallel to the road which has views, the road does not. The path back is very rutted by farm traffic, just not nice to walk on especially as there are few views. 
Comino A short stroll around the island, to avoid the crowds near the boats. 
Curbar Gap Not the planned walk but I was having problems with my ankle so we had to cut it short, The Robin Hood's Inn was welcome at the end! 
Elton Youlgreave A very nice day, mid week always seems more tranquil than weekends. In Youlgreave The Bull's Head seems to be closed lunchtimes now, so we went to The George which served a very pleasant, reasonably priced, pint. 
Flying Childers Our standard hippy walk, we normally do it around the summer solstice, there were still a few hippies around! A couple were a bit weird although they did not look it they did seem harmless. 
FunchalA short holiday in Madeira, unfortunatley I did not manage any lavada walks. 
Funchal A short holiday in Madeira, unfortunatley I did not manage any lavada walks. 
Golden Bay A very pretty bay, there seem to be a few walks possible around here, but as there was no sign posts as to where to go we just pottered about. 
Hathersage One of our standard walks. The Little John pub in Hathersage seems to have changed hands again, it was expensive and the serivice was crap, I had to insist my pint ws topped up, the barman just walked past me whilst I was at the bar for the second round so we left. No wonder pubs are closing if they don't want to serve customers! 
Yup the usual trig point in mist, it did warm up though and the mist cleared. 
Ilkeston We haven't walked to Ilkeston for over 7 months, it is amazing how much the shops in Ilkeston have changed over that period. 
Ilkeston Our annual Christmas walk, frosty and misty this time, had a pleasant lunch in The Observatory in Ilkeston, a Weatherspoons pub. 
Longshaw Estate A very misty day, but there were loads of people around. 
Los AmericasJust a short stroll whilst waiting to go to the airport. We were told Los Americas was to be avoided, but during the day/eveing it looked very nice. 
Los ChristianosA short stroll around the resort. 
Lumsdale Valley Our annual bluebell walk, this time we got wet, but at least we got to the pub just before the rain and sleet started. There was even some snow on the edges. 
LynmouthThe Valley of Rocks was excellent, the Watersmeet cream tea was a disapointment, the walk there was pleasant though. 
Mam Tor Ridge A standard walk on a beautiful day, there were loads of people around. every time we walk this route we always seem to see more paving on the ridge, it needs it! 
Marsaxlokk Marsaskala We dropped into the Tourist Information Office and found this walk, it was very easy and pleasant, makes a difference seeing cacti on the side of the path, there are not many of those in the Peak District! 
Monsal Head It was a horrible misty drizzly day so instead of going to Litton as usual we can back vai the Monsal trail. 
I thought I would try my new camera, a surprisingly good result. There were some really stupid cyclists about, but until someone is seriously injured I don't think any action will be taken. 
OjcówOjców reminded me of The Manifold Valley in The Peak District. 
Risley Daffodills This year the daffodils were out before Christmas! 
Rowsley Bakewell A Monday walk instead, a beautiful day the edges were covered in snow, there we loads of people around, not all were pensioners like us! It was vey muddy so we took a different routeback to Rowsley. 
Shardlow Just a short stroll to the pub because every Saturday the weather has been crap plus Derbyshire has been very wet. We had a nice lunch at the Malt Shovel before catching the bus home. 
Shardlow A walk mainly to check out my ankle, it worked fairly well, plus we had a good lunch at the Malt Shovel and a leisurely journey back using our bus passes. 
Sliema St. George A holiday in Malata, a stroll around the locality of our hotel. 
Sliema St. George A holiday in Malata, a stroll around the locality of our hotel. 
Sliema Valleta We thought we would avoid the bus and walk to Valletta, the last bit was boring. 
Sliema Valleta Another walk to Valletta, this time the last bit was much better, and considerably shorter. 
Stoke Ford One of the hottest days of the year, but we still managed to find plenty of mud around Stoke Ford. The pint at The Barrel was most welcome. 
Ticknall A National Forest Walking Festival walk visiting Anchor Church, Foremark Church and School, we even went past a vinyard! 
Foremark School 
Anchor Church 
A vinyard 
Foremark Church 
Trent Lock First walk of the year, organised at short notice as this was the first dry day for weeks. The river Trent was getting very full, looks like we will have floods here soon. 
Volcan El CuervoA short holiday in Lanzarote, I could not miss the opportunity for a walk around a volcano. It was also my mother's 91st birthday, she had no problem doing the walk, apart from the wind which annoyed her. 


Alderwasley The morning was misty and very muddy in places, we were not impressed by the lunch time pub, on the A6 by the junction to the A38 the beer was expensive and very poor. There were loads of people around after lunch, well it was the Easter weekend!  
Alnmouth CrasterClassified as a classic walk, pleasant but not that good, was very nice around Craster, the view of the castle was excellent as were the Craster smoked kipper fillets we bought. 
Arboretum What seems to be our annual walk around the national Memorial Arboretum, well worh a visist. 
Ashford In The Water Just a short walk, the highlight was that the Well Dressing was on in Ashford in the Water. 
Attenborough Our annual blackberrying walk. 
Bad MuskauA walk around Muskauer Park on the Polish German border, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 
Bartlewood Lodge Just a short stroll to the pub for lunch, it is certainly good value, but it does make walking afterwards a tad difficult! 
Bartlewood Lodge The planned walk was Edale but as the weather weas foggy we did a local walk to have lunch at Bartlewood Lodge. A very nice basic carvery, excellent value. After lunch it brightend up, the scenerary was actually quite nice. 
Birchover We usually walk this on the longest day to see how many hippies are at the 9 Ladies Stone circle, much quieter today, but there were lots of people camped at Barn Farm. 
Bonsal Winster Bonsal- Winster A walk to The Miners Standard, a very friendly pub.  We were surprised at the amount of snow there was this low down, unforunately it was a dull day.  
Craster BeadnellThis was rated as a 'superb' walk, we hated it, unless you can walk on the beach it is very scruffy. The beach was sandy and vey difficut to walk along. 
Cressbrook Dale Cressbrook Dale One of the standard walks, it was fairly quiet for a Bank Holiday weekend. We increased the length of the morning's walk so we did not get to the pub too early!  
Cromford Canal Just a short stroll with my mother, obviously we went shopping at Cromford Mill, she bought some porcelain cups from the charity shop! 
Druridge Bay Our first walk of the holiday, a pleasant little stroll. 
Druridge Bay We just walked along the beach. 
Elvaston Castle A stroll around the Woodland Festival on a very pleasant sunny day, there were some very interesting demonstrations. 
Eyam Not the walk I plannned but it worked out very well after the morning mist cleared it was a beautiful sunny day. 
Hareshaw LinnThis was described as an excellent walk, I prefer the Peak District! At least the parking was free. 
Ilkeston Ilkeston Our annual walk to the pub, this year's pub was not as interesting as last year's. But we did see a kajak that had broken down in the canal, the rudder had been broken off by the ice. My multitool was pressed into service, to no avail though. 
Jezioro GoreckieA pleasant walk through a forest in Poland, near Poznan. 
LindisfarneA very pleasant walk around the island, the church, next to the Priory, was fascinating. 
Longshaw Estate Longshaw Estate A walk from Upper Burbage Bridge to The Grouse Inn, lots of people around, a sunshine and showers days. We got to the pub just as the rain started and just got back to the car before the next shower!  
Lumsdale Valley Lumsdale Valley Our standard Bluebell walk, unfortunately it was a cloudy day and it was trying to rain after lunch. Fortunately we gave the pub a miss as we were too early, so we did not get wet!  
MetlelinA short stroll to a friends's house, from my cousin's house near Hrubieszow in Poland. 
Milldale Milldale The plan was to go to Hartington, but we decided to go back via Narrow Dale and Alstonfield.  
A woman had collapsed at the junction of Wolfscote Dale and Biggin Dale, the air ambulance was called out, this was the nearest it could land. It arrived very quickly but took about 15 minutes to find somewhere to land. 
Once BrewedWe parked at the National Park Information Centre Car Park, they even had free WIFI there! 
Padley Gorge We planned to walk from Hope to Mam Tor but we were stuck in two traffic jams en route and as it was getting late I did this walk from memory as I only had my Dark Peak map with me. Loads of people around but a misty day. 
Risley Our usual Sunday afternoon stroll, but this time there were loads of people and cars parked on the road, the last Vulcan bomber was due over East Midlands airport on its final flight. A beuatiful sight. 
Risley Lodge An Erewash Autumn Footprints walk, billed as a Risley Heritage walk, it was very interesting I learnt some new facts about my local area, plus the walk was very pleasant. 
Sandy BayA reasonable walk along the coast path, the caravan park was huge, we looked at some of the new static caravans that were for sale, they were amazing. I would not buy one, paying c. £4,000 costs/site fees per year did not appeal to me! 
WarkworthA pleasnt short stroll by the river. 
WoodhornA walk around the Country Park lake, The mining museum at Woodhorn was very interesting. 


9 Ladies A Hippy walk! As it was the longest day we thought we would see how many people were camping at the stone circle, there must have been over 200 of them.  
Alum BayA walk well worth doing, the fun fair at Alum Bay was horrible, but soon left behind. Alum Bay was packed with tourists. The chair lift looked 'interesting', but we walked down the steps. 
Ashford Bakewell It started off a very grey day but brightened up vey quickly. We saw many groups of kids doing their DoE practice, some with packs bigger than they were! Bakewell was in the midst of a carnival day, it was very noisy we did not stay long. We were asked what was mined near the packhorse bridge, where there is a narrow gauge railway, it looks like it was the Bakewell Chert Mine. I checked on line, but I couuld be wrong!  
BembridgeA pleasnt stroll to Sandown, spoilt by the path diversion in Bembridge because of a landslip, which happened a few years ago. Plus it was mostly walking between high hedges until we got to Whitecliff Bay. 
Carsington Water The sheep wash car park used to be free, now changed to be pay and display. Before the car park was invariably packed, today it was virtually empty, we won't be visiting as often as we used to any more. 
Compton DownA very nice walk, easy with some excellent views of the sea. 
Elton Youlgreave Gratton Dale was interesting this time, the path was a fast flowing deep stream. It was possible to walk around the difficult bits but there were loads of vicious thorns about. 
I have never seen Gratton Dale as wet as this, the stream was flowing very quickly and was well over boot depth in places. 
Elvaston Castle We walked around the nature trail for the first time, it was a very pleasant walk. 
Elvaston Castle Just a short stroll to see the autumn colours, we also saw a kingfisher and a dragon! 
Hope Castleton A warm but misty day, there were hoards of people around, even on paths where we rarely see anyone there were people! Also there were loads of groups of teenagers doing their DoE training. 
Lathkill Dale Lathkill Dale A bank holiday weekend, there were loads of people around. There was a street festival in Monyash, it was very noisy, so we gave the pub a miss as a result we got back to the car before the rain started. 
Litton Litton A pleasant day, there wre an amazing amout of people around today. My GPS was having a bad day, I am sure we did not go below sea level on the walk!  
Long Eaton The first time I have used the Etrex since I glued the rand back using some UHU glue from the pound shop. It will be iteresting to see how long it lasts! 
Lumsdale Valley A beautiful day, especially considering it was a bank holiday weekend! There were loads of people around, the bluebells were supurb this year. 
Makeney Our standard 'Christmas' walk, although we did find a new free car park to start from. A beautiful warm day and not too muddy, the Holly Bush at Makeney was very good as usual. 
Makeney Makeney Our usual Christmas walk to the Holly Bush in Makeney, it was packed as usual, this time full of cyclists having Christmas lunch. Due to the foul weather we changed the walk slightly. 
Milldale Hartington One of our standard walks, the weather turned out very nice. Considering it was a Bank Holiday weekend there were not that many people around. 
Mottistone DownThere were excellent view on Westover Down, but a bit spoilt by high hedges on Brightstone Down, but the viewpoint made up for it. 
NMEA The National Memorial Arboretrum Our second visit, to see what we missed on our first visit. We used the GPS just to see how far we walked, and we missed going to the poppy fields which would have been another mile or so. The arboretum is well worth a visit, especialy if you are of Polish decent.  
Padley Gorge Our first walk of the year as all the other Saturdays were washouts. A very nice day, not many walkers about but loads of cyclists on the roads. 
Padley Gorge One of the standard walks, a warm day, there were loads of cyclists on the roads. 
Rowsley Chatsworth Rowsley - Chatsworth A superb clear frosty morning, we saw lots of deer in Chatsworth Park, plus a few Alpacas in Bakewell. 
SandownJust a short stroll from the Caravan Park, not a particularily interesting walk, Sandown was a bit like Skeggy! 
Sheldon Sheldon A short walk from Monsal Head Viaduct, the autumn colours were good in places, very muddy underfoot though. We dropped into Hattersley's wine shop in Bakewell and found they are having a wine tasting at the end of November with c. 80 wines available, so that sorts out where we will be walking that weekend! 
Tennison MonumentOur first walk of the holiday, there were lots of people around, the views were excellent. 
VentnorVentnor was very nice, butt he walk through the landslip was horrible, no views and a very awkward surface. 
Youlgreave Bakewell This was the Easter weekend, Bakewell was packed with people and the traffic was stationary. A couple of miles out of town, on the paths, it was peaceful, we did not see that many people out walking during the day either.  


Ashford Bakewell Ashford in the Water to Bakewell My first real Peak District walk of the year, but as my foot had been damaged recently and was still painful we did a short walk, but it did allow us to pop into the wine merchant for some wine tasting. 
Carsington Water Carsington Water My 88 year old mother fancied walking around the reservoir. It is the 9th largest in the country, she managed it with ease, after all it was only 8 miles!  
Dale Abbey Ilkeston Dale Abbey - Ilkeston An interesting walk the conditions varied from waist deep snow to mud. My first real snow walk for years, I now remember how tiring deep snow is! 
Elton Youlgreave One of the standard walks, but there are always surprises, a Vulcan Bomber flew over head, the only airworthy one that exists. I even managed to photograph it. 
Surprising what you see during a Peak District walk! The Vulcan bomber flew over, the only one currently flying. 
A view of Youlgreave. 
Great Longstone Great Longstone A misty start, but the day did brighten up, the pub halt was at The Crispin, in Great Longstone. 
Ilkeston Ilkeston The planned walk was Monsal Head, but we changed at the last minute. The lunch time pub was certainly interesting! 
A very basic pub a rough wooden floor, jukebox, sports TV and a slot machine, but it did have a pole dancing area! We must go back one evening. It did serve Blue Monkey PG Sips, which was very nice and cheap. 
Litton Litton This time we stopped at the Red Lion in Litton, definately a pub we will return to, good beer and plenty of character, plus an open fire!  
Lumsdale Valley Lumsdale Valley Our first Peak District walk for a couple of months, we found an 'interesting' route back from the Cromford Canal, but I am not sure if these were legal rights of way!  
Milldale Hartington Milldale Hartingto A beautiful sunny day, we even bought some cheese at the cheese shop in Harington, I must try the 'new' Hartington Stilton next time. My walking mate wore his new Merrell walking shoes, they seemed a lot better for him than his boots. 
Nottingham Nottingham Just a walk to see how strong my ankle was, I managed it very well, one day I must try walking back home as well. There was a stong wind making it feel very cold. By the canal I saw my first 'Bait Boat'.  
Bait Boat. A small electric powered boat used by fishermen to drop bait where ever they want, evidently some even tell you where the fish are and how deep the water is. 
Nottingham Canal Nottingham Canal The walk was based on one from a John Merrill book. I probably will not walk all the the Nottingham Canal again, the first section was alongside the M1 and noisy, but it gave me a couple of ideas for future walks. The Bennerley viaduct was an interesting landmark, my photographs did not do it justice. 
The Bennerley Viaduct The wrought iron lattice work viaduct is 1500 feet long with the rails 60 feet above the Erewash River, it was completed in 1877, it is a Grade II listed strucure. 
Rowsley Bakewell Rowsley to BakewellJust a short walk, the walk was chosen for the autumn colours, which were quite good. We did not time the walk correctly though, when we were taking out boots, off at the car, we had a hail storm, we were just a couple of minutes late! 
Thorpe Dove Dale Thorpe Dove Dale There were large snow drifts on the Tissington trail but very few people around, on the other hand Dove Dale was packed. After all it was the Easter weekend.  
Upper Burbage Bridge Uper Burbage Bridge A short walk as my friend's daughter decided to come along, she spent nearly the entire walk texting on her phone!  
West Park West Park There was an exhibition about the proposed HS2 line so we decided to go for a stroll around the park to see the autumn colours.  


Attenborough Attenborough Nature Reserve Just a short stroll, made longer because one of the paths was closed for the flood alleviation work.  
Borrowash Derby Borrowash - Derby A surprisingly pleasant walk, mostly hard surface/tarmac, even the section through Pride Park was nice.  
Borrowash Spondon Borrowash Spondon The plan was to walk to Derby, but the path was flooded at Raynesway so we had to make a detour. 
Burbage Rocks Burbage Rocks Snow at last! Not much of it though and it was very muddy in places. Lots of people around as well. 
Erewash Canal Erewash Canal Once again we decided to do a local walk, just a simple walk along the canal. We ended up in the Sir John Warren in Ilkeston, the place was packed, not surprsing as 2 pints of Ruddles were £3.50 and the food looked very good and reasonably priced.  
Great Longstone Great Longstone At last a warm day, we even wore shorts, haymaking was going on everywhere. We only saw two people all day, unfortunately they were sitting on the bench I planned to use for our lunch halt, fortunately they were just about to leave.  
Hartington Hartington Milldale to Hartington via Hall Dale, Alstonfield  and Narrowdale. A very windy day, but the rain kept off. It was very muddy and the river Dove was almost overflowing. 
Hathersage Hathersage A fairly standard walk, a very quiet morning but after lunch there were loads of people around. After the lunch time pub we went shopping, ending up buying a rucksack.  
The Long Causeway, an old Roman road, it is still legal to drive along it, currently its status is BOAT (Byway Open to All Traffic).  
Hob Hursts House Hob Hurst's House Hob Hurst's House is a Bronze Age barrow, which was one of the first monuments in Britain to be taken into state care, through the Ancient Monuments Protection Act of 1882. The stone bollards inscribed VR that surround the site were erected at that time. The name Hob Hurst's House refers to a mythical hobgoblin who haunted nearby woods. Unfortunately it was too misty to take any photographs.  
Ilkeston Ilkeston Just a walk to see how far Tesco's is, the canal was still well frozen, but there were some fishermen in one spot! Location Miles     Gallow's Inn 2.9 Armstrong's Mill 4.1 Tesco 4.4  
Ilkeston Ilkeston We saw a huge number of fish in the canal today, must have been in the thousands, mostly small fish, but we did see a shoal of 5 large carp. 
Lanes Lane's Garden Center Just a strol lto the local garden center.  
Lumsdale Valley Lumsdale Valley The Lumsdale Valley is an outstandingly beautiful area with a very interesting history. The Bentley Brook flows through a small wooded gorge, and within a relatively short distance you can see the remains of six waterwheels and three ponds - perhaps the most concentrated evidence of early water power in Britain.  
Monyash Youlgreave Monyash to Youlgreave Our planned walk was to head towards Chelmorton, but as it was misty we chose a lower level walk. The river was still on the low side. The Bulls Head in Youlgreave appears to be going down hill again, either we stop going to pubs or we need to do more intensive research to find better pubs.  
Nottingham Nottingham Just a stroll into Nottingham along the canals and river.  
I even spotted a common newt on the walk. 
Risley Risley Just a short stroll in the snow.  
Shardlow Shardlow A frosty day the canals and ponds were all frozen over.  
Shardlow Shardlow Just a pre-walk, my 87 year old mother facies walking to Shardlow, so I just wanted to check out the distance. Place Miles     Trent Lock 4.00 Sawley Marina 5.25 Malt Shovel 7.00 Shardlow 7.25 Church Wilne 8.70 Breaston 10.0  
Shardlow Shardlow Just a stroll tham my 87 yeaar old mother fancied doing.  
Shardlow Shardlow Not the planned walk, but as the started off very misty we decided to do a local walk, which turned out to be very nice.  
Sheldon Sheldon Fast becoming one of our favourite walks, a beautiful  frosty day, very quiet until we hit the Monsal Trail after lunch. Cyclists and walkers certainly don't mix!  
Sheldon Sheldon Our first proper walk for almost 2 months because of the bad weather, there was still lots of water in the river, but on the whole the paths by the river were not too muddy.  
Spondon Spondon An Erewash Autumn Footprints walk. It went via the Moravian settlement in Ockbrook and Locko park.  
Stanley Stanley An Autumn Footprints Walk, allegedly an Erewash Challenge walk, rated as 'severe' I thought it was easy. 
Swarkestone Bridge Swarkestone Bridge A bus pass walk, Swarkestone Bridge is the longest  stone bridge in England it is just under a mile long and has 17 arches, it was built in the 13th century. A very pleasant day, eveeen the daffodils were out. not bad for early January! 
Thorpe Thorpe A walk I planned to do during the Tissington Well Dressing, today there were loads of people walking in Dove Dale between Milldale and the stepping stones, where there were large crowds waiting to cross over. We only saw 1 person walking along Lin Dale though!  
Tideswell Tideswell A sunny morning but by lunch time it had clouded over and the temperature had dropped, even worse our pub in Tideswell did not seem to want to open, so we went to The Sun insted, an interesting old fashioned pub. 
Trent Lock Trent Lock As we had to drop into the local wood yard we took the opportunity for a short stroll, everywhere was very nice and green at the moment.  
Trent Lock Trent Lock A short walk to have a look at the flooded river Trent. The water was only a couple of inches below the top of the lock gates at Trent Lock. 
Trent Lock The river has burst its banks in places, but not as of yet on the Sawley side, the water was only a couple of inches below the level of the Erewash canal. Two people from the Environmental Agency were monitoring the levels, i.e. taking photographs. 
West Park I have not seen our local park flooded for years, no need to panic though, it is designed to be used as part of the flood alleviation scheme.  
White Edge White Edge A dry day at last, but underfoot is was vey boggy, worse than in a normal winter!  


9 Ladies 9 Ladies Stone Circle It started off misty and never got any better, but it did make the stone circle look very atmospheric. 
Alport Height Alport Height An Erewash Autumn Footprints walk, in an area I have never really walked but after this walk I will definately be back.  
Ambergate Ambergate Not the planned walk, as rain was forecast in the Dark Peak, it was sunny most of the day, with the odd shower. Unfortunately the leaves had not turned yet. The car park at High Peak Junction is now pay and display so we parked on the road by John Smedly's factory sho. 
Bakewell Rowsley to Bakewell The trees still had plenty of colour, but it was a grey day. It looked like Chatsworth was doing a roaring trade judging by the number of cars going there. Bakewell had the Farmers Market plus a Christmas one, Millets had a 40% off everything offer, so I bought a new Leki walking pole, as the tungsten carbide tip on mine had broken, worked out to to just £14.99, a lot less than the old one I bought over 10 years ago! 
Bonsall Matlock Bonsall Matlock We had planned to walk White Edge, but as it was vey windy we decided to start from High Peak Junction instead, which is now a pay and display carpark! In future we will be parking on the road. A vey pleasant day and far drier than we expected. 
Bonsal Bonsal First walk of the year, a short one, a vey pleasant warmish day and not too muddy. 
Bonsal Winster Bonsal Winster One of our standard walks, but we always see something new each time, this time it was a few Ostriches. 
A typical Derbyshire scene! Strangely though we tried to buy some Ostrich burgers today, but there weren't any at the Nottingham Food Fair, evidently they are out of season at the moment. 
Carsington Water Carsington Water Just a stroll, a beautiful day, mainly to check out my gpx track upload script works after the last system upgrade to Ubuntu 10.10. 
Coldwall Bridge Coldwall Bridge We did not do the route planned, as usual I have real problems finding the paths in Staffordshire, so we did not manage to get to The Weaver Hills, probably would have taken too long anyway. Next time we must start from a point closer to The Weaver Hills, but at least is was a superb day, probably the hotest day of the year so far, also I had not walked most of the route before either. 
Coldwall Bridge over the Dove at Thorpe was built in 1726, the milestone is from 1822. This was originally a turnpike road. 
Dale Abbey Dale Abbey The planned walk was along the Midshires Way to Duffield, but the weather turned very windy and rainy just past Dale Abbey, so I chose to walk home instead, as map reading would have been tricky in the wind.  
Dvw Derby Derwent Valley Way Derby The first leg of walking the Derwent Valley Way, a surprisingly pleasant walk considering it ends up in the middle of derby. 
Elton Elton One of our standard walks, our usual pub The Bull's Head  in Youlgreave was closed, evidently today was the last day. After our last visit we were not surprised, we had planned to go to the George, opposite from the church, anyway. Last time we were in The Bull's Head the landlord closed the pub around 1:30, evidently this was his normal practice, even if there were people still drinking! 
Elton Youlgreave Elton Youlgreave Not a very good day, cold and drizzly most of the time, at least our old pub was open again, with a new landlord.  
Several old drinking troughs 
Erewash Canal Erewash Canal Just a walk by the canal, the route of The Erewash Valley Way, to The Great Northern Basin at Langley Miil. Then backtracking to Ilkeston to get the bus home, mainly because this bus stops at the end of my street, bus passes are wondeful things! 
Eyam Eyam Not the planned walk as it looked like rain, which actually held off, but it was very windy. 
Grindslow Knoll Grindslow Knoll I have not used the path to Grindslow Knoll for years, I had forgotten how good the views were, but the erosion is really bad in places. 
Hathersage Hathersage A very misty morning, which cleared around lunchtime. Fortunately we got to the pub before the Folk Train crowd arrived. 
Hathersage Hathersage Basically the standard walk, we did spend a while in Hathersage at lunch time looking for some boots, my walking companion bought a pair of Asolo boots costing £165.00. 
Howden Edge Howden Edge A much nicer day than we expected, we only saw 2 other walkers and 4 mountain bikers all day. The erosion along Howden Edge is getting very bad. 
Ilam Grindon Ilam Grindon A slight variation on an old walk, the route from Ilam to Grindon was new, there were some very nice views although there was the off steep climb! 
Lathkill Dale Lathkill Dale Pretty much the usual walk, with a slight variation around Monyash.  
Bradford Dale I can't remember ever seeing the water level as low as this. 
Bradford Dale I can't remember ever seeing the water level as low as this. 
Lathkill Dale Lathkill Dale Not the planned walk, but as the M1 was closed we chose this one, a very warm morning for mid November. Both the Lathkill and Bradwell rivers were very low, this time of year they should be full of water. 
As can be seen the river was non existant. 
Lea Bridge Lea Bridge Lea Bridge to Crich via The High Peak trail, Alderwasley  and Shining Cliff Woods. The return was via Wadebridge and Holloway, along paths I can't remember walking before, the views were very good especially as the autumn colours were still around. 
Lumsdale Valley Lumsdale Valley A sunny day but with a strong cold wind, the bluebells were out. We did see a lot of people arond the mill pond near Lumsdale Farm, it looks like this is becoming a popular walk. I even saw a water vole in the Cromford Canal. 
Makeney Makeney Our annual pilgrimage to The Holly Bush, there was even a light smattering of snow about.  
Man Tor Ridge Mam Tor Ridge A very pleasant day, there were loads of people around, the short cut back to the car via Edale End was interesting.  
A slightly different view of The Winnats and Mam Tor. 
Medbourne Hallaton Medbourne to Hallaton At last a walk that was not in Derbyshire! The morning was very good, walking from Medbourne to Hallaton via Nevill Holt, but the afternoon was a bit tedious. 
Milldale Hartington Milldale Hartington A very grey day, but some of the colours were interesting, but a bit too dark to photograph though. I even saw a stoat in Hall Dale 
Monsal Head Monsal Head We finally managed to walk through some of the tunnels, the views between Cressbrook and Litton tunnels were interesting. On the whole a pleasant day out especially as the rain was threatening early on. 
The view between Cressbrook and Litton Tunnels, there is even a wind up music box here! 
Monsal Head BakewellMonsal Head - Bakewell We have walked most of his walk before, but there were a few very interesting variations to our usual walk. There were loads of people about, it was half term, the weather was very spring like. Unfortunately I forgot my camera, so no photographs! 
Monsal Trail Monsal Trail We just fancied walking through all the newly opened tunnels, interesting but not a walk we plan to do again in a hurry, Chee Dale though was excellent, as was walking over the Cressbrook Tunnel.  
Mount Famine Mount Famine Our usual parking place was full, so we started from near Mam Tor, it made the walk a bit more lumpy than planned. On the whole a nice day, we even managed to beat a group of cyclists up to Jacob's ladder from Mount Famine. We also beat them down as well! 
Nottingham Nottingham A bus pass walk from home along the river Trent and the  the Erewash and Beeston canals, a surprisingly pleasant walk. I even saw what I thought was a falcon hovering above the river before swooping into the hedge row by the tow path to catch some prey. 
Porthcothan Porth Portcothan Porth My first bus pass walk! I was lucky to get the last seat on the bus, it was full of pensioners going from Newquay to Padstow. 
Porth Mawgan Porth Porth Mawgan Porth A longer walk with my 86 year old mother, she even managed the steep bits without any problems!  
Porth Trevelgue Head Porth Trevelgue Head Just a stroll around Trevelgue head, which was across the road from the carvan park. 
Porth Watergate Bay Porth Watergate Bay My 86 year old mother fancied a short walk, she managed it very well, we took the bus back.  
Portreath Perranporth Portreath Perranporth Unfortunately a misy day, so the views around St. Agnes did not photograph very well, but an interesting walk non the less. 
Rowsley Rowsley We had planned to walk around Edale, but it was a grey day so we decided to go lower down. In future I must remember not to mix my Devils Claw tablets with Paracetamol, the side effects were weird! 
Alpacas are becoming very common in the Peak District these days. 
Seal Edge Seal Edge The promised sunshine never materialised, but on the whole the views were good. We took a slightly different route out, through the woods. 
Shardlow Shardlow A winter walk from home along canals and rivers mainly, it was my first chance to cross the new Long Horse Bridge, built at a cost of £1.4 million, for horses, cyclists and walkers only!  
The new Long Horse Bridge, built at a cost of £1.4 million, for horses, cyclists and walkers only! 
Sheldon Sheldon A very pleasnt day, we even walked some paths I have not done before, the old packhorse trail out of Bakewell had some excellent views.  
Stanage Edge Stanage Edge The morning was very misty but by the time we had finished it was a glorious day. 
Superfortress Overexposed Superfortress I have planned to do this walk for years, well worth it not just to see the remains but the scenery was excellent, as was the weather.  
The Dams The Dams Another pleasant walk around the Ladybower dam, with a slight variation on the start, the water level was certainly lower than usual for this time of year. 
The Downfall The Downfall Just a short easy walk as I was not feeling very well. The weather was far better than forecast, there were loads of peple about. I see Chapel Gate has been resurfaced,  if this is the finished surface then I can't see it lasting a year, plus the tank traps/drainage ditches dug across the track in several places will make life "interesting" for cyclists I am not sure how a horse would cope. 
Looking towards Jacobs ladder. 
Thorpe Milldale Thorpe Milldale An easy walk as my walking mate was breaking in his new Asolo boots, the lunch time pub was at Alstonfield, it looks as they are now more into being a restaurant than a pub. Normally the pub is crowded with walkers, today it was empty. A quiet day, apart from the hordes  in Dove Dale. 
Thorpe Wetton Thorpe - Wetton A very dismal day grey, drizzly and amazingly muddy as well.  
Tintagel Port Isaac Tintagel Port Isaac According to the SWCP guide book this walk was rated as severe, to me it was like a typical Derbyshire White Peak walk in terms of severity. Some of the decents were interesting to say the least, very slippery, but safe.  
White Edge White Edge A fairly standard walk, but we did change our normal route back. We had clear blue skies most of the day and it was very warm for the time of year. 
Woodlands Valley Woodlands Valley The track at the western end, near the path up to Hope Cross, was closed by a landslip, the diversion gave some excellent views along the valley. 
The view from the diversion. 


Alderwasley Alderwasley 
Ashford Ashford in the Water A pleasant short walk, some of the autumn colours were superb, although some of the trees had lost all their leaves. 
Belper Makeney Belper Makeney Our standard winter walk to the Holly Bush at Makeney, the weather was far better than forecast. A well planned walk, we got to the pub just as they were opening! 
Bonsal Bonsal One of our usual walks, but this time  we took a 'short cut' back to the car via Lea Hurst and Gregory Cottage, which was very interesting. The path goes through a deer park, we did not see any, but the was a Lama walking around. 
Chatsworth ChatsworthJust a short stroll around Chatsworth to Bakewell 
Chatsworth Chatsworth A shorter walk than planned, we only found one real bit of snow along a track, which was mainly ankle deep. 
Chee Dale Chee DaleBasically the standard walk from Millers Dale Station, but we took a different route back via Wheston and the Pennine Bridleway.There was a bit of road work but the views were excellent, some of the paths were very difficult to find. 
Dale Abbey Dale Abbey Not our usual Peak District walk, but as there was heavy snow forecast and a lot of roads were already closed we decided on a local walk. There was not much snow around but it was very icy, the snow did not arrive until the early evening after we had finished the walk. 
Dale Abbey Dale Abbey As there was still snow on the ground and the side roads were still lethal we did a local walk. The snow was very nice but very slippery in places. 
Doctors Gate Doctor's Gate I had planned to walk this for several years, it must be 20 years since I last did it. A pleasant walk, although I am not a fan of Bleaklow. The 'short cut' back via the Snake Path was interesting, surprisingly wet and muddy though. 
Dove Dale Dove Dale This walk has an interesting altitude profile, some of it is wrong because of spikes in the track,  as we were walking under trees in deep valleys. The distance is probably too high as well. But we did find a few different ways to get in and out of Dave Dale 
Thorpe Cloud, as the sun was low and the mist was starting to clear. 
Dragons Back Dragons Back Chrome and  Parkhouse Hills this is becoming one of our favourite walks. 
Elton Youlgreave Elton Youlgreave Getting better, on this walk I almost remembered to turn the GPS on when we started! It is certainly great to be back walking in the Peak District. 
Great Longstone Great Longstone Still a bit of colour in the trees, a very pleasant day, the only good day of the week. Unfortunately as the clock have gone back we had to finish early. 
Grouse Inn Hathersage The Grouse Inn to Hathersage 
High Peak Jctn High Peak Junction to Bonsal 
High Peak Jctn Bonsal High Peak Junction to Bonsal Not the planned walk as the forecast was for heavy rain, but we only had one light shower, although it was windy and cold most of the day. 
Hope Mam Tor Hope to Mam Tor 
Illam Illam Not the planned walk, but as the M1 was closed we could not get to Bleaklow. There were an amazing number of people about for a Tuesday, even allowing for the fact it was half term. 
Lathkill Dale Lathkill Dale 
Lumsdale Valley Lumsdale Valley 
Lumsdale Valley Lumsdale Valley 
This stone is a part of the sqeeze style next to an old pack horse holloway. 
Makeney Makeney The usual winter walk to the Holly Bush, still a bit of slushy snow around, icy in places but very misty so I left the camera in the car. 
Milldale Hartington Milldale to Hartington 
Millers Dale TideswellMillersdale to Tideswell 
Mill Dale Hartington Milldale to Hartington 
Monyash Chelmorton Monyash Chelmorton One of our standard walks, but we did find som new paths from Taddington to Deep Dale. The weather did look threatening, but apart from a few minutes light shower we did not get wet. 
Mount Famine Mount Famine 
Ostrich Burger Ostrich Burger Well, we finally manged to buy some, they were very nice, we even bought some raw ones to take home They went down very well. 
Padley Gorge Padley Gorge 
Ringing Roger Edale Edale - Ringing Roger 
Rowsley Bakewell Rowsley Bakewell A slighty different route this time, the plan was to buy an Ostrich burger at Bakewell Farmers market, which is held on the last Saturday of the month, unfortuantely it was not held today! 
Rowsley Chatsworth Rowsley Chatsworth The autumnal colours were superb, unfortunately the weather forecast did not match reality, it was failrly bright first thing, but then the mist and rain came in. 
I am amazed that this photo came out as well as it did, as it was raining and starting to get dark. 
Stanage Moscar Stanage Edge to Moscar 
Stoke Ford Stoke Ford 
The Dams The dams 
The Edges The Edges We did hope the heather would still be in flower but it was past its best. But we were treated to some traditional English linked sword dancing in the pub, English pubs have a tendency to throw up the unexpected! 
Thorpe Illam Tops Thorpe Illam TopsMy first walk after a 3 month holiday in North America, I was certainly out of practice. I forgot to turn my GPS on at the start of the walk!Surprisingly I was fitter that I expected. 
Tideslow RakeTideslow Rake Not the walk we planned to do, as the mists were down. Some of it I have never walked before, around Tideslow Rake. I must definately do this when the weather is better as the views were excellent. 
Wetton Butterton Wetton ButtertonA new walk, we don't generally get into Staffordshire, although the scenery was pleasant, the hassle in map reading was not worth the effort. At least it was a nice hot day. 
The Rindle StoneThe inscription states:-'The Lord of the Manor of Grindon Established his right to this rindle at Stafford Assizes on March 17th 1872'. A rindle is a brook which runs only in wet weather. 
White Edge White EdgeA cold day, it even tried to snow for a few minutes. There were lots of dark threatening clouds around but we only had a light shower just before we got back to the car. 
White Edge White Edge 
Woodlands ValleyWoodlands Valley A slight variation on out usual route, it was the first time I have walked along the valley. As the sun had just started to peak through the clouds the views and colours were excellent 
Youlgreave Bakewell Youlgreave BakewellWe did not realise that the annual well dressing was today, a couple of the wells were superb, e.g. the Green Man 


Ambergate Ambergate We saw lots of people camping and caravaning and for a Bank Holiday weekend a surprisingly nice day. We even dropped into the pub on Whatstandwell Bridge, I have been past this hundreds of times, this was my first visit. 
Belper Makeney Belper Makeney The usual Christmas walk to the Holly Bush at Makeney, there was even snow this year! 
Biggin Dale Biggin Dale Our annual Christmas Cheese walk, but we decided not to do the usual walk to Longnor, as we thought it would be too muddy, Bigging Dale was bad enough, but that was just a stream running down it. Altough the cheese factory has closed down and Hartington Stilton is no more, I was assure that the Blue Stilton I bought was made to the same receipe but not at Hartington, the proof will be in the eating! 
Bonsal Winster Bonsal Winster The walk was not as boggy as I expected, apart from the last mile or so, sodden ground plus cattle does not make for a pleasant path. I even had chance to use my new head torch when we got back to the car. 
Fortunately the water was only just above the hight of my boots! It did get even muddier later on. 
Burbage Moor Burbage Moor Not exactly the walk we planned, as it was very wet underfoot we felt that the paths to Redmiles Reservoir would be very muddy, and possibly impassible. No photographs as the weather looked very threatening when we started I left my camera in the car, but it did not rain much, but we were caught in a heavy shower for the last hour or so. 
Calke Calke A walk in a different area for a change, on some well waymarked paths. 
Crich Crich We were both not feeling very fit today, so an easy walk, some of the leaves had changed colour. The pub in Crich was most welcome! 
Crookstone Out Moor Crookstone Out Moor A superb day, the best of the year so far. It looks like this walk has now been 'found' by more people there was lots of evidence of footprints along the rim heading towards Ringing Roger. Late in the afternoon we saw well over 20 para gliders over Mam Tor. 
The Mam Tor ridge. 
Count the para gliders! 
Back Tor looking towards Lose Hill. 
Dale Abbey Dale Abbey A very nice day and a pleasant local walk, we even saw a herd of deer, as well as the baby kebabs. 
Dale Abbey Dale Abbey As no walks were planned I decided on a local stroll, I did find some interesting paths just past Dale Abbey heading towards Loco Park which I must walk some time. 
Dragons Back Dragon's Back A hot and humid day made this walk very tiring, but the views were excellent as a result. We walked along the ridge towards Earl Sterndale this time, it was far easier and safer this way. The down side was that the two pubs we walked past were closed! So we had to make do with a couple of pints in Longnor at the end of the walk. 
Elton Youlgreave Elton Youlgreave One of the standard walks, usually very muddy but exceptionally so this time. It was warm in the sun the the wind was very cold. 
Eyam Great LongstoneEyam Great Longstone A newish walk, with some very nice views, some interesting navigation was required as the paths were not that easy to find. 
Eyam Little Longstone Eyam Little Longstone A misty day, the forecasted sunny spell never really materialised. This is fast becoming one of our favourite walks. 
Gradbach The Roaches Gradbach to The Roaches One of our occasional forays into this area, finding paths that are marked on the map away from the main areas is a real challenge! 
Gratton Dale Gratton Dale Supposedly the hotest day of the year so far with nice blue skies, it did not seem that hot as there was mostly a cooling breeze all day. 
Grouse Inn Hathersage The Grouse Inn to Hathersage 
A RAF Hercules flying at treetop level over Longshaw Lodge. 
High Peak Jcn Bonsal High Peak Junction to Bonsal A very misty cold day, the trees were covered with hoar frost. 
Not the best of days to be out. Some of the water troughs had a couple of inches of ice on them. 
High Peak Trail near the Black Rocks Car Park. 
Hope Cave Dale Hope to Cave Dale Once the low cloud cleared it was a superb day with excellent visibility. 
Hope Edale Hope Edale An easy walk my walking companion was breaking in his new Berghaus boots. The trees were in glorious autumn colours. 
Ilam Weton Ilam Weton A murky day but it did not really rain, it did threaten though, but we dashed into a convenient pub at that precise moment in time. There were surprisingly few people about. 
Illam Wetton Illam Wetton We mamaged to get the last parking place on the road, by the church. There were crowds of people around, but once we left the valleys we saw very few. We did walk a few different paths around Wetton this time. 
Ladybower Reservoir Ladybower Reservoir A very misty day, we saw nothing on the tops but the views on the climb up and down were interesting. 
Ladybower Reservoir. 
Howden Dam 
Lathkill Dale Lathkill Dale 
Lathkill Dale Lathkill Dale One of the standard Derbyshire walks, today there were loads of people around, mainly groups of teenagers with large rucksacks. 
Lea Bridge Ambergate Lea Bridge to Ambergate One of the standard walks, but with a few variations, a fairly sunny day, apart from the occasional very heavy snow/hail showers. This walk made the years walking distance go over 1,000 Km! 
Lea Mills MatlockLea Mills to Matlock One of our usual walks, except that this time we followed the Limestone Way from Bonsal to Matlock. Which turned out to be a very interesting path with some fine views. 
Milldale Hartington Milldale Hartington One of the standard walks but we took a few different paths which were excellent. The walk was planned to buy some Hartington Stilton, from the cheese shop in Hartington. It looks like we managed to get some, from one of the last few batches, before the factory closes. 
Mill Dale Mill Dale Not the walk we planned for today as the weather forecast did not look good, but it turned out to be a pleasant day, apart from a chill wind. 
Minninglow Minninglow A sunshine and showers walk, very wet and muddy under foot. The views are surpringly good arond Ballidon Quarry, heading towards Roystone Grange. 
Monsal Head Monsal Head Another hot and humid day. A pleasant walk along the Monsal Trail and over to Tideswell via Wormhill aand back via Cressbrook Dale. We even saw some well dressing in a couple of the villages. 
Monsal Head Foolow Monsal Head to Foolow Not the walk we planned, but when we got to the mill pond, at Water cum Jolly Dale, the path was well and trully flooded, so we went up Cressbrook Dale instead. The morning was grey, mistsy and drizzly so I left my camera in the car, but the afternoon did brighten up. 
Mount Famine Mount Famine A walk I have always wanted to do, it is now open access land and there is a footpath over Mount Famine and South Head, plus what looks like an interesting path continuing NW, heading towards Rowan Farm, which is on the list to try out next time. Next time though we will start the walk along Rushup Edge and then Roych Clough (The Pennine Bridleway), as the views seem to be better. 
The view towards South Head from Mount Famine. 
Looking towards Kinder from Mount Famine. 
Padley Gorge Padley Gorge 
Padley Gorge Padley Gorge At last a sunny day! Padley Gorge and Bole Hill Wood were superb today. 
Peak Forest Peak Forest We walked from Castelton, up Cave Dale, most of the walk was on paths I have never walked before. It was a very nice walk, one to definately do agin. Next time we must try and get to Eldon Hole 
Robin Hood Chatsworth Robin Hood Chatsworth Not the planned walk, but pleasant non the less, the heather was just coming out and we missed the lunch time shower as we were in the pub! Unfortunately we did not quite make it to the car by a couple of minutes during the next shower, so got a bit damp. 
A slightly different view of Chatsworth House, looking down on the cascade. 
Robin Hood Grouse Inn Robin Hood Grouse Inn A misty day, and as we both were not feeling very fit, we modified and shortened the walk. The couple of the pints at the Grouse Inn were welcome, the pub was packed, very surprising for a Friday at the end of February. 
A guide stone commemorating the old turnpike and a view of the silver birch trees just as the sun was setting. 
Rowsley Rowsley As it was the eve of the summer solstice there were lots of people camped at the Nine Ladies stone circle, when we went past mid morning they seemed to be getting into the spirit of the solstice, drinking their cans of beer sitting around bonfires. At Youlgreave we stumbled across the annual well dressing. 
Rowsley Bakewell Rowsley BakewellnnnnOne of the standard walks chosen today because of the bad forecast later in the afternoon, but the weather was not that bad.nnnnWe chatted to a mountain biker, he had an impressive bike, it cost £3,000, and I thought hiking boots were expensive!n 
Rowsley Chatsworth Rowsley ChatsworthnnWe just fancied an easy walk. The trees were just starting to change colour. 
Rowsley Chatsworth Rowsley Chatsworth A short walk to see the monthly farmers market at Bakewell, where I bumped into an old work colleague of mine from my apprenticeship days, selling honey on his stall. A dull day and very, very muddy, my gaiters have never been that muddy. 
Seal Edge Seal Edge Although this was only a short walk, just over 10 miles it was tiring, unfortunately it was a slightly misty day. The eroded formations of the rocks were very interesting. 
Stanage Edge Stanage Edge A glorious day, after the morning mist cleared. 
Stanage Edge Stanage Edge 
Stanage Edge Stanage Edge We chose this walk as we wanted to get away from the White Peak and the ankle deep mud, today was OK but a bit misty in the afternoon. 
Stoke Ford Stoke Ford One of the standard walks again, but I did a slight detour back, heading West along Bretton Brook, through the old mine workings. 
Stoke Ford Stoke Ford Certainly an interesting day, the footpaths on Eyam Moor, just off Sir William Hill Road, were fast flowing streams, caused by the water run off from the moor. At least my boots were waterproof. 
The footpath! 
The Downfall Kinder Downfall A walk up Crowden Clough to Kinder Downfall returning via The Kinder Reservoir and Oaken Clough. A warm and humid day, this was the first time the sweat from my legs was visible though my tousers! 
Thorpe Biggin Thorpe Biggin My walking companion wanted to do a less lumpy walk than normal, so this was it. A surprisingly nice stroll along the Tissington Trail, unfortunately although it was warm it was also grey so we did not see the autumn colours in their full glory. 
White Edge White Edge The heather was not very good this year, not surprising after the weather we have had. This was one of our rare Sunday walks, we realised why we prefer Saturdays, there were lots of huge, 20+, groups of walkers around. 
Youlgreave Bakewell Youlgreave Bakewell A pleasant walk, unfortunately we did not beat the rain, it caught us about 30 minutes from the end of the walk. 


Ashford Sheldon Ashford to Sheldon We started by the packhorse bridge in Ashford in the Water and walked to Sheldon via Litton Mill, on the South West side of Cressbrook Dale. The route following the contour lines above Cressbrook Dale was certainly interesting, not recommended for those that have vertigo, or when the path is slippery. 
Deep Dale You don't normally see water here, let alone ice. 
The pub 
Cressbrook Hall 
Cressbrook Mill 
Ashford Sheldon A pleasant short walk with a detour to the Magpie Mine. 
Belper Makeney Belper - Makeney This is now becoming a standard winter walk. It was initially planned as a walk to the Holly Bush Inn, which is well worth a visit. We just need to make the route back slightly longer. 
Chevin Side Next to the golf course. 
A surprising view, it is adjacent to the A6 road, but can't be seen from it. 
Belper Makeney Belper Makeney We saw very few people out walking, but the pub was packed with walkers, but we got there early enough to get a seat by the fire! 
Black Rocks BonsalBlack Rocks to Bonsal A slight variation of a standard walk, we stopped at the Barley Mow in Bonsal, and came back via Cromford. It was a beautiful spring like day amazing for early February! 
Harborough Rocks At last we managed to see them in sunlight, it is usually either misty or raining. 
The Pub The Barley Mow, an interesting pub, to get to the Gents you go outside, onto the road and turn left and it is about 15 yards away! 
Middleton Top The Winding House. 
Lime Kiln 
Black Rocks Bonsal One of the standard walks chosen because I had to get home early. 
Bole Hill Quarry Bole Hill Quarry A newish walk, although the weather forecast was very bad we only had a couple of showers with sunshine and great views most of the day. 
Bonsal Winster This walk is now becoming a regular one, a surprisingly nice walk in an area that tends to be ignored. 
Old barns 
Disused mine buildings. 
Robin Hood's Stride 
Burbage Rocks Burbage Rocks A brilliant day, the heather was out and the views were excellent. 
Carsington Water Carsington Water The paths from Kirk Ireton to the visitor center were interesting to say the least, a good challenge to find them, even using the GPS it was not easy. But at least we had a very nice hot day for the walk, the lunch time pint at Carsington was most welcome, even though the put was not that good. 
Crich Crich Just a short easy walk to Crich, the weather was a bit iffy though, hence no photographs. 
Dale Abbey Dale Abbey Just a short stroll to the pub with my friend and his young children. 
Dale Abbey The Herimitage just outside Dale Abbey. 
A view towards Park Farm. 
Elton Youlgreave The GPS batteries failed just before we got to Bradford Dale, so the route and distance is not correct. 
Near Smerill Grange 
The Pub 
Looking towards Youlgreave. 
Elton Youlgreave At last a sunny, dry day! 
Elton Youlgreave The weather was not as bad as forecast, but it was grey and drizzling most of the day, with the odd bright patch, but a pleasant stroll non the less, and a good excuse for a lunch time pint. I left my camera at home today, a good job really as we wore waterproofs the whole time. 
Froggat Edge Froggat Edge 
Grouse Inn The first of a series of short walks that a friend of mine was planning for his Leicester based walking group. 
Two of these were Hercules were flying in formation along the Hope Valley. 
Grouse Inn Hathersage Grouse Inn to Hathersage The forecast was for a frosty clear/sunny day. But this was not the case it remained grey all day, but a pleasant walk non the less. We even got back to the car in daylight. 
Hartington Alstonfield This was planned as a walk to buy some cheese from Hartington. It was also my first walk with my replacement Alt-Berg boots, the first ones had problems with the 'eyelets'. 
Looking down on Dove Dale. 
It looks like this barn is being converted into living accomodation, possibly a holiday let? 
Hartington Longnor Hartington - Longnor Our usual cheese walk prior to Christmas, a very muddy walk this year. Our normal pub in Longnor had changed hands and was now shut, the other two pubs that were open did not seem to want walkers cluttering up the bar, so we missed our normal pint! Strange really as pubs are closing down because of a lack of custom I would have though opening a serving hatch would have allowed us to drink outside? Ah well we at least saved some money. 
Hathersage Hathersage A glorious day, as the photographs show, we started from the usual spot at Upper Burbage Bridge, we even found a new route back. The forecast was for a wind chill of -15, although it was cold and windy I don't think it was -15C! 
Hathersage BamfordHathersage to Bamford via Win Hill A walk I have only done once, years ago, a very good walk, but you need to make sure the stepping stones are passable. 
Win Hill A very warm day with excellent visibility. 
Mill Pond Just above North Lees Hall. 
Stepping Stones They were just passable, a bit tricky in a couple of places as they were under water. 
North Lees Hall 
Stanage Edge, just above North Lees Hall, which is allegedly "Thornfield Hall" in Jane Eyre. 
Hathersage BrettonHathersage Bretton (The Barrel Inn) Not the planned walk, as I had to pick up my replacement Alt-Berg boots from Hathersage, so we decided on this one. A pleasant day but a bit windy. 
The Stepping Stones Fortunately we did not have to cross them on this walk! 
Looking towards the Dams and Bleaklow. 
Looking towards the edges over some old mine workings, 
Field Patterns 
High Peak Junction A pleasnt walk but rather than walking back along the canal it might be better to come back via Crich. 
Lathkill Dale Lathkill Dale We decided to walk it the opposite way for a change, starting from Monyash instead of Youlgreave, it made a very pleasant change. With the added advantage the service at the lunch time pub was far better, and there is a choice of at least 3 pubs in Youlgreave, we went into The Bulls Head. 
The rock 'steps' near One Ash Grange farm. 
The start of Lathkill Dale. 
Millers Dale Millers dale One of the standard walks, a nice day but wet and slippery. The pay and display car park is getting expensive, we must find somewhere else to park in future. 
Chee Dale The famous stepping stones. 
Dale Head 
Minninglow Minninglow At last a walk in snow! Well there was snow until it started melting after lunch. 
Gotham Curve The sharpest curve on British Rail. 
The Caravan Park near Cardlemere Lane. 
A few yards past the car park. 
Dropping down to the Ballidon Quarry. 
A view from the Tissington Trail. 
Ringing Roger This is fast becoming one of my favourite Peak District walks, the views are superb. But I would say the best way back is via Win Hill not the Roman Road. 
Erosion The erosion is getting very bad here, it is almost becoming too difficult to walk, all caused by walkers. When I fist walked it there was only a small holloway here, hardly visible in fact. 
Rowsley BakewellRoswley to Bakewell As the car park at Calton Lees is now pay and display we changed the start point, a very murky day, but we planned it to drop into the Farmers Market, which seems to be getting worse, I can't see why people drive out to visit them is this one is typical. We took a different route back, which had good views towards Haddon Hall. 
Sir William Hill A very nice walk with a excellent contrasting views. 
Sir William Hill Sir William Hill An awful day it rained virtually the whole time, but I fancied getting out for a walk. 
Stanage Edge Stanage Edge A misty day, although it did brighten up a bit, we walked almost the full length of Stanage Edge, and then over the moors towards Bole Hill. 
Drinking Hole There were several of these hewn from the gritstone, all of them were numbered. 
Gate With lots of eyelets, which I assume were used for tying up livestock. 
Stanage Edge 
Stanage Edge This is now fast becoming a standard walk, the section past the Long Causeway has some excellent views, made better by the light dusting of snow. The Little John Inn in Hathersage is well worth a visit, the beer is very good and cheap. 
Thorpe Thorpe - Dove Dale A bad GPS day, I forgot to switch it on when we started, it was positioned wrongly in my pocked and lost the signal and after lunch the battery went flat without me noticing it. But it was a very nice day and there were loads of people in Dove Dale, but on the Eastern Edges we were on our own. 
Thorpe Wetton A long walk taking in Thorpe Cloud, the Eastern Edges of Dove Dale, a pleasnt lunch at Alstonfield and finally returing via Wetton, the Manifold Valley and Soles Hollow. 
White Edge White Edge Starting from The Robin Hood Inn, considering this was late August it was very muddy, we had to wear our gaiters all day. Considering how bad the weather has been this year is was a good day, the heather looked very good, although it was still a bit early for it. 


Alt Berg TestAlt-Berg Boots My 3rd pair of new boots this year, hopefully these will work. At least they are British made, my feet were measured to confirm which of the 5 width sizes I needed. When the sole wears out I can get them resoled back at the factory, hopefully. 
Ashopton One of the standard walks, not many people around today.The dams were very full, Derwent and Howden were overflowing and Ladybower was very near the top. No pub on this walk so we had to make do with an ice cream at Fairholmes. 
Ladybower ReservoirThe first steep climb of the day, but the views were good, actually after this climb then it is very easy, apart from after lunch!The view is looking towards the Edale valley. 
Howden DamIt is unusual to see this dam overflowing in winter, let alone in July. Especially as the Derwent dam was also overflowing. 
Cakes of BreadWell that is what this rock formation us called. 
Ashopton ViaductOur car was parked here, there is a large free parking area here.Looking towards Stanage Edge. 
Derwent DamVery unusual in July! 
Kinder ScoutLooking towards Kinder. 
Although there were rain clouds about it did not rain, but is was very windy. 
EdaleLooking towards the Edale Rim. 
Barrow On Soar Barrow on Soar The first walk of the year, in Leicestershire for a change, made the mud in Derbyshire seem tame by comparison! 
The British Gypsum site. 
The old Quorn Hunt stables, now converted to appartments. 
BeeleyBeekey A new walk, from a book, starting from the Robin Hood Inn and going around Chatsworth via Beeley. A very nice walk, one that should be done in Autum when the leaves are turning. No pub this time, the one in Beeley seems to be more of an up market restaurant, so we went to a cafe, it was a licensed one though! 
In the woods, dropping down to Beeley. 
Style There are a few like this, and some even higher. 
Chatsworth The waterfall above the cascade in Chatsworth park. 
seen on the outskirts of Beeley. 
Belper MakeneyOne of those walks where we decide on which pub we want to go to for lunch and plan a circular walk to get there! After the storm force winds a very nice sunny walk, we just needed to avoid the fallen trees 
MilfordThe old weirs, after the rains the Derwent was much higher than normal. 
An interesting footpath on the way to Belper. 
East Mill BelperLooking towards the weirs for the mill. 
The PubThe Holly Bush at Makeney.A pub highly recommended if you are a real ale fan, actually the walk was planned simply to get to this pub for lunch. 
You do see some unexpected sights, here are a few show chickens at a farm we passed. 
Storm DamageDuring the week we had the worst storms for 17 years, on the Motorways lorries had been blow over, but we only saw a couple of fallen trees. 
Although I have passed this on the main road hundreds of times I never knew there was a nature reserver here. 
Chevin MountA very nice view, improved as there was a bench to sit on, looking towards the East Mill at Belper. 
Bleaklow StonesBleaklow StonesWe had planned to do this walk a few weeks ago, but the mists were down so we ended up heading towards Cut Gate.This time we walked up Linch Clough and came down via Barrow Clough, annoyingly the Peak District was covered in a clear blue sky but Bleaklow was in cloud, but the sun did come out later.The walk was done using my old boots as I had to take the Lowa ones back as they were leaking for a refund. 
Oaken BankLooking at the River Dove and the valley from the Land Rover track. 
Bleaklow StonesLooking towards Grinah Stones with the smoke from the heather being burn off. 
Grinah Stones The lunch halt. 
Looking towards Grinah Stones 
Not strictly the start point but the Derwent Dam, The setting sun gave some superb effects. 
Boot TestNew Boots Breaking in a new pair of Scarpa SL M3 boots, I was curious to see how far I walked. The boots have now been returned under the comfort guarantee, after about 5 miles I was getting a problem with the left boot. I even got my money back, which amazed me! 
ChatsworthChatsworthnnnnAs it was the last Saturday of the month we thought we would walk to Bakewell and drop into the farmers market.nnnnBut the car park is now pay and display, so in future we will need to find another start point, after all £2.00 is a pint of beer!n 
EdensorEdensor, pronounced Enzor, is a model village lying within the Chatsworth EstateMost of the buildings in Edensor are from individual designs from around 1840, when the 6th Duke of Devonshire, removed the village from along the river to its present position, as it 'spoilt' the view from the House. 
Calton PlantationsCalton Houses and the famous Chatsworth House, in my opinion the best stately home in England. 
Calton LeesA small hamlet on the Chatsworth Estate, next to the Garden Center. 
Calton Pastures 
BakewellA view of the river Derwent. A busy little down, famous for Bakwell Puddings. 
CromfordWe almost did not do this walk, it was pouring with rain when we planned to start, so after waiting a while it seemed to clear so we decided to risk it. The previous day we had thunder storms and torrential rain with flooding everywhere.We just had one very heavy shower after we left the pub, it soon passed. 
The trail is now overgrown by trees. 
The PubThere was a festival going on in Cromford. The pub had a large selection of beers, from the barrel, as it had a beer festival going on.We were sheltering from the rain outside Scarthin Books, a hightly recommended book shop, if not to buy a book just to browse through the shelves, looking through the new and second hand collections. 
SculptureThere are a few of these along the trail. 
BonsalOne of the lanes going down to the church. 
Steeple GrangeA narrow gauge railway, open during the summer weekends. 
Mill PondJust off the Via Gellia, it is no longer in use. 
Looking towards the Derwent valley. 
WorkshopsThe start of the High Peak trail, the workshop are now an information centre. 
Crookstone HillCrookstone HillAnother 'new' walk, at least the middle section was new, the walk around Crookstone Out Moor to Ringing Roger is superb, the views are excellent.I have never seen this walk in any of the guide books, it is highly recommended and fairly easy, but I would recommend missing out the section of the walk up to Win Hill. 
Deep DaleDeep DaleInstead of walking from Miller's Dale station along Chee Dale and back via Monks Dale we decided to try Deep Dale instead.Deep Dale was not that interesting, rocky underfoot and very overgrown, there were no views, so we probably won't do it again.But the walk from Chelmorton back to Miller's Dale via Priestcliffe was very nice, some really good views. 
Chee DaleThe stepping stones. 
Miller's DaleThe bridge next to the closed tunnel, as you drop into the valley. 
PriestcliffeA typical stone farm with barn. 
Chee DaleYet more stepping stones. 
Field PatternsJust above Priestcliffe. 
PriestcliffeLooking over the A6. 
Doxey PoolDoxey PoolThe walk started at the car park near Gradbach, Doxey Pool is on The Roaches.This was the hottest day of the year, so far, so we did not walk as far as we planned, we did not even get to the lunch time pub. 
The RoachesSome of the rock formations. 
The RoachesSome of the rock formations. 
Gradbach Youth HostelThis is a former flax mill, there has been a mill here 1640. The present build mill dates from 1785. It was converted to a Youth Hostel in 1980 after it had fallen into disuse. 
Back ForestLooking along the ridge to Hanging Stone. 
Looking towards Shutlingsloe. 
Forest WoodEn route to Danebridge, a pleasant walk by the river through the trees. 
Dragons BackDragon's Back Parkhouse and Chrome Hills, starting from Longnor. A walk I have always wanted to do, and as they are both now in Open Access land, they can now be climbed legally. A superb walk, we did it as the guide book suggested, from Longnor, a big mistake. A walker we met at Chrome Hill said that was was 10 times worse than walking the hills in the opposite direction, i.e. walk Chrome Hill first, I now believe him! Next time I will walk them that way. Note This is not a walk for the faint hearted, or those that suffer from vertigo. 
EctonEctonThis walk combines two walks from a book I have, going from Wetton to the copper mines at Ecton.It is surprisingly hilly, the views are excellent though! 
EctonRadcliffes's Folly. 
Thor's CaveJust along the Manifold valley. 
Wetton HillLooking towards sugarloaf. 
Ecton HillBy the mine shafts, looking towards Ecton House barn. 
BarnLooking towards Narrowdale Hill. 
Dafar BridgeNext to the tea rooms. 
Squeeze StyleJust outside Wetton, by the reservoir, the start of the walk. 
Edale RimEdale Rim A glorious day for the walk, we started near Upper Booth, walked up Chapel Gate, over to Brown Knoll, but we failed to find the crashed plane. Then along the rim and finally dropped down to Edale along Grindsbrook Naze. 
Grindsbrook Clough Looking down to the 'path' and a distant view of Edale. 
Brown Knoll A view of the approach, a few years back there wasn't even a path here! 
Brown Knoll Looking toward The Roych and The Mam Tor ridge again. With more examples of the erosion caused by walkers. 
Wool Packs A panorama view of Rushup Edge, and some of the eroded stones. 
Barber Booth Yet again looking at thw Mam Tor ridge, and the severe erosion on the footpath to Hollins Cross. 
Edale Valley Mam Tor ridge and looking towards Kinder where we will be in the afternoon. 
Edale The pub and the Church. The pub is the official start of the Pennine Way. The Pennine Way is a National Trail. It runs 268 miles (463 km) from Edale, north through the Yorkshire Dales and the Northumberland National Park, to end at Kirk Yetholm, just inside the Scottish border. 
Brown Knoll To try and 'solve' the erosion problem, large stone slabs have been laid, but they are sinking into the peat bogs in places. 
Grindsbrook Clough Yes, this is the 'path' actually it does get worse! 
Colborne Another view of Mam Tor Ridge. 
Foolow Foolow to BradwellA very windy day, it did not rain but there was lots of water everywhere, all the fields were saturated. 
BradwellBradwell Brook was very near to breaking it's bank and over an inch of rain was forecast for the next day. 
Grange Farm 
BradwellLooking towards Win Hill. 
Great HucklowThe pubs in Bradwell were all closed, fortunately this one was open. 
Gibbet MoorGibbet MoorBasically a walk around Chatsworth but this time with a diversion at the end though Baslow, to the pub, and a walk back through Yeld Wood . 
Sun SetFrom Gardon's Edge, mid you it was rather dark when we got back to the car! 
A typical view of the scenery plus one of the many Derbyshire dry stone walls. 
Hell Bank PlantationAn old, damaged Mill Stone, and the autumnal colours on the paths through the woods. 
Sluice gateOn the moors, just above the Robin Hood Inn. 
Grange MillOur first Derbyshire walk of the year, a short one.It started off misty and never improved. 
MiddletonThe pub was most welcome, as was the beer. 
Harboro' RocksIn the mist. 
Grouse Inn Grouse Inn Another newish walk, we went out via Surprise View and skirted along the edge of Burbage Moor. We came back along the valley and up Padley Gorge, arriving back at the car as it was starting to get very dark. It was a beautiful cold frosty day, with two bonuses, the pub served excellent beer and it was very cheap, plus my Alt-Berg boots finally arrived at Outside in Hathersage! I hope the 2 month wait was worth it. 
Carl Wark Fort From Burbage Moor. 
Surprise View An interesting spiders web of frost in a hollow. 
Looking towards Kinder. 
Longshaw Lodge Looking towards Cark Wark fort. 
Stanage Edge From Burbage Moor. 
White Edge LodgeLooking towards Man Tor and Kinder 
Hartington Longnor Hartington The usual cheese walk we have this time of year to get some Blue Stilton for Christmas. The year it was a superb walk, in the morning the valleys were in mist and we were walking looking down on the valley. 
Hope Edale Hope - Edale - Winhill One of the standard walks, from Hope School, but as the Nags Head in Edale was closed we did a slightly longer walk, coming back via Winhill and Thornhill Carrs. It was misty all day, considering it was New Years Eve there were very few walkers around, just loads of cyclists, including one group at least 20 strong. 
Back Tor and Lose Hill. 
Crook Hill Looking over the dams towards Bleaklow. 
Some of the stiles are 'challenging'. 
Looking along the ridge to Mam Tor in the distance. 
Hope SchoolHope School We changed this walk half way around, because the wind was so strong we were having trouble standing up, I would say, as a guess, it was a Severe Gale, i.e. wind speeds vetween 47-54 m.p.h. I have never experienced constand winds of this speed in The Peak District before. But at least it was a warm wind, and the pub in Castleton was good, but I was not impressed by the Japannese beer! 
Mam Tor RidgeNear Hollins Cross, looking both ways, towards Lose Hill and Mam Tor. 
The PubA very nice pub, with a quarry tile floor, so muddy boots are not a problem, beer is generally good, but keep off the Japanese Beer unless you are a larger drinker. 
Cave DaleDropping down to Castleton. 
Mam Tor RidgeLooking towards Lose Hill from near Mam Tor. 
Losehill FarmLooking towards Mam Tor. 
Mam Tor RidgeFrom Oxlow House. 
Howden EdgeHowden Edge We had planned to walk to Bleaklow Stones, but as the msit was covering the tops we decided to walk Howden Edge instead and come back along Cut Gate. 
Cut Gate An old pack horse route. Now very eroded by cyclists and walkers. Lower down the track has been paved. 
Pack Horse Bridge The bridge was re erected here after the dams were built to save it ending up under water. 
Boundary Marker Rather an impresive marker for a county boundary. 
Lathkill Lathkill Dale One of the favourite walks, this time we started from the car park, which was full with what looked like 20 or so cars from a single walking group.This time we walked the entire length of the Dale, instead of climbing out past Mill Farm. 
Cave Near Cales Dale, the views are good here, the cave can be explored if you are adventurous. 
One Ash Grange Farm 
Batemans House Batemans House was home to James Bateman, the agent for Lathkill Mines in the 1840s. Its most unusual feature is that it is built directly over a deep lead mineshaft. The building has recently been made safe so that it will not suffer further deterioration and visitors can safely explore it. 
Mill Stones These would have been used for crushing ore. 
Youlgreave Some of the streets leading down to the river. 
The Pub The service was abysmal, it usually is, in future I think we will start in Monyash and go to one of the pubs in Youlgreave. 
Thimble Hall This 18th Century grade II listed cottage has been used as a butcher's, a cobbler's, an antique shop, and about 100 years ago housed a family of 8, even though it has only 2 rooms measuring 8ft by 7ft and connected by a ladder. Last used as a home in the early 1930s. 
Mandale Mine This mine was worked from the 13th century until operations finally ceased in 1851, defeated by water problems. Sections of the workings may still be seen, especially the aqueduct which carried water to a large water wheel which was once used to pump water from the mine 
Lea BridgeLea Bridge A walk we have done many times, except we started from Lea Bridge instead of Crich, a free car park, next to the sewage farm! At Lea Bridge there is an interesting factory shop, John Smedley, it is rare as factory shops go as it is next to the factory, it sells very good quality clothing, even at factory shop prices is is not cheap. 
Pumping Station It is still in steam , usually on bank holiday weekends. Slightly is a swing bridge, the canal is no longer in use, but there are plans to restore it. 
Gregory Tunnel The tunnel is about 76 yds long and, fortunately, has a handrail alongside the towpath. 
The pub The Jovial Dutchman, named after the Dutch navies, who worked on the Cromford Canal. A friendly pub the beer was very welcome as it was a very hot and humid day. 
Stone Bridge A typical bride on the canal, this one is just used for access to Thurlow Booth Farm. 
Crich Stand A memorial to the Sherwood Foresters regiment. 
Crich Tram Museum This is at the end of the time, where the trams turn around, the path crosses the tram lines. 
Sunken Barge A typical barge that was used on the canal, they were horse drawn. 
Bow Wood A very nice path through the woods, surfaced in places and fairly wide, it looks like an old road or pack horse trail. 
Whatstandwell This snake swam past whilst we were having a rest on one of the conveniently placed benches, we think it is a grass snake. Although grass snakes produce a venomous secretion that is toxic to small animals, they are harmless to humans. 
High Peak Trail This was the only railway in England that was built to link two canals. The photos show the workshops, now a shop and toilet block, the canal and one of the wharfs. 
Lea Bridge Lea Bridge An awful day, the mist and rain only cleared when we got back to the car. 
Sheep There must have been over a hundred sheep sitting like this. 
Locko ParkLock Park An Erewash Autumn Footprints walk, not a very interesting walk, Locko Park was the only good bit. 
Lowa Walk Lowa Mountain Boot Breaking in a new pair of boots, a Lowa Moutain Boot GTX. 
Lowa Walk Lowa Mountain Boot Breaking in a new pair of boots, a Lowa Moutain Boot GTX. They seem Ok so far. 
Lowa Walk Lowa Mountain Boot Breaking in a new pair of boots, a Lowa Moutain Boot GTX. They seem Ok so far. 
Lowa Walk Lowa Mountain Boot Breaking in a new pair of boots, today was supposed to be the first real walk in the Peak District, but my walking companion did not turn up, so I did a local walk instead. 
Miners StandardMiners Standard This was not the walk we planned, but as the motorway was blocked we decided to use another road, and decided on this walk en route. A pleasent walk for the short winter's days, the pub even had a real log fire. Unfortunately it was a rather mist day. 
Squeeze Style It looked very lonely! 
Stocks I am sure they could be put to good use these days! 
MinninglowAt last I managed to find a walk in this area that did not involve lots of walking along main roads. Unfortunately it was misty most of the day so the views were not very good, but we will do this walk again in the future. 
Hoe Grange QuarryThe valley going down to the quarry. 
Lees BarnOne of the many stone barns in the Peak District.On the opposite side of the trail is a 4x4 practice area. 
Tissington TrailLooking in the direction of Hartington. 
Roystone GrangeHere it is possible to see fields and terraces that were cultivated during Roman times.Roystone Grange was one of the most important granges in the Peak. It was developed into a 400-acre (160-hectare) sheep ranch by the Cistercian Abbey of Garendon in Leicestershire. Also there is an interesting "chapel" just to the left of the picture, now used as a barn. The chapel is actual an old pumping house, used to send air to the pneumatic drills that were used in the quarry. 
Tissington TrailOne of the old railway cuttings, as can be seen a lot of work went into making the railway line. 
The PubThe Sycamore Inn at Parwich, near the church. 
BarnAnother barn, this time in the middle of a filed, near Backhill Lane. 
Gotham CurveThe Cromford and High Peak railway is now the the High Peak Trail, the Gotham Curve was the tightest curve on British Rail it is 2.5 chains, or 55 yards. 
Nine LadiesNine Ladies Stone Circle One of the standard walks, but this time it was a beautiful autumnal day, plus the leaves were still in glorious colours. For a mid week walk we were amazed at the number of other walkers we passed. We took an different route back, there are some excellent views looking down on Haddon Hall. 
Robin Hood's StridePlus a view of an old guide stone by the roadside, these generally date from the early 1700s, after the Act of Parliament of 1697 enforced locally in 1709. 
Haddon HallHaddon Hall is a fortified medieval manor house dating from the 12 th Century. 
Harthill MoorNine Stones Close Stone Circle, also known as the Grey Ladies. The stones of this circle are the tallest standing stones in Derbyshire though only four stones remain of what once was a 45-foot circle of stones. They range from 1.2m to 2.1m in height, this tallest being located at the southern end of the circle.They are on private land. 
Haddon HallHaddon Hall is a fortified medieval manor house dating from the 12 th Century.  
Roych CloughRoych CloughA very pleasant walk along some old roads, Roych Clough still has vehicular rights and is now part of the Pennine Bridleway.The other road, now a Bridleway, is Jacob's Ladder, the alternate Pennine Way. 
Roych CloughThe ford, there are now even footbridges here, us walkers are getting spoiled these days! 
Rushup EdgeThis was the start of the walk. 
Jacob's LadderNow the start of the Pennine Way, it has been resurfaced and is very hard on the feet, especially on the way down. 
Edale CrossAn old medieval cross which was once used as a waymarker on the road. 
Seal EdgeSeal EdgeIt must be at least 20 years since I last did this walk, I must not wait so long again!A very nice walk, slightly spoiled by the low cloud in the morning, also surprisingly easy, if you walk up the Snake Path instead of Gate Side Clough. 
Jacob's LadderNow the Pennine Way it has been resurfaced and is ver hard on the feet, especially coming down. 
SheldonSheldon Another walk in the mists, but we did find a nice pub in Sheldon and a different route back, which was better than our normal route. 
ThorpeThorpe Another new walk from a book, I have never walked along the Eastern side of Dove Dale, I was surprised at the amount of well defined footpaths we came across, which are not marked on the map! We did not stick rigidly to the route from the book, next time we will have to. 
Moor Barn Looking South to Thorpe Cloud and North Along Dove Dale. 
Dove Dale Looking North towards Altonfield, and the lunch time pub. 
Dove Dale Looking down towards Coldeaton Bridge. 
Alstonfield Typical field patterns. 
Throwley HallThrowley HallOne of the standard walks, but we went via Musden Woods for a change, it was very muddy, and then past Throwley Hall. With the standard lunch halt at the pub in Alstonfield. 
Ilam HallNow a Youth Hostel and it is owned by the National Trust. 
Throwley HallThe muddy track is the main road, a gated one, it goes through the farm yard. 
Tideswell TideswellThe start was from Monsal Head.A superb walk, the morning followed the Derwent Valley and after lunch we had excellent views of the field patterns of the white peak.The photographs do not do justice to this walk, especially in the afternoon. 
Field PatternsThese were taken around Litton. 
StyleAn 'interesting' style, very difficult to get over.The view is looking towards the Dark Peak. 
CressbrookThe old mill ponds for Cressbrook Mill, which as most mills has now been converted to apartments. 
Litton MillOnce again old mill buildings that have been converted to housing and apartments. 
Cressbrook DaleClimbing out of the valley heading towards Wardlow. 
Monsal HeadA view of the viaduct, a simple start to this walk. 
TideswellThe Cathedral of the Peak, the obligatory lunch time pub . 
WallsOne of my 'artistic' shots. What you can see are a series of dry stone walls going along the hill, that look like a single wall 
SwansA couple of swans nesting on the river, having a snooze. 
A SheepIt is amazing at what you come across, a sheep sculpture in Tideswell Dale. 
Upper BoothUpper BoothA walk to The Kinder Downfall from Upper Booth, via Crowden Clough. Unfortunately the morning was cloudy, but it did brighten up.I was amazed at the amount of people at the Downfall, I must have counted at least 50 whilst we were there and there were loads more arriving every few minutes The erosion on the path from Brown Knoll to Chapel Gate is getting really bad, a few years ago there wasn't even an obvious path here. Normally I see only the odd walker on Chapel Gate, this time we must have seen 50 at least. 
Upper TownUpper Town A walk I found in book following the tracks of lead miners around Bonsal. We did not see any other walkers at all, which was amazing, especially as this was a bank holiday weekend. The paths were generally very difficult to find, and on the whole not a walk I will do again, the scenery was not that good. 
The view looking down on Bonsal. 
Looking towards Oker and the Derwent Valley. 
The church at Darley Bridge. 
A very convenient pub, the footpath went through the car park. When we came out a Lancaster Bomber flew overhead. 
A hay meadow near Bottom Leys Farm. 
Wetton HillA new walk!This is my first major walk using open access land, from a book I recently purchased. The photographs just do not do justice to this walk, it was superb. 
Thor's CavePlus the view along the Manifold Valley to Wetton Hill. 
Wetton HillThe view North West.The views from the top were excellent. 
AlstonfieldThe pub halt, The George as usual. 
Thor's CaveFrom Wetton Hill 
Gateham GrangeThe views of the farm land, looking North East. 
StanshopeLooking towards Wetton Hills, where we were in the morning. 
Wet WithensWet Withens At last we walked to it. Wet Withens means "the wet land where willows grew", an ancient stone circle covered in heather, allegedly the most atmospheric stone circle in Derbyshire. Fairly easy to find, although the heather was waist deep in places, and it was slightly misty. 
White Edge White EdgeOne of the 'standard' walks, with one or two deviations on the way back.The heather was superb, the best I have ever seen in Derbyshire. 
Youlegreave Youlgreave This walk was planned for the Saturday, so we could pop into the farmers market at Bakewell, but as the weather was not very good we decide to delay the walk by a day.It was a cold grey day but at least we did not get wet. 
The weir, by the packhorse bridge, just outside Youlgreave. 


Ambergate Aug The Ambergate walk again. This time with a friend who is not a walker, he managed it without any problems. He was very impressed with the pub. 
Crich stand in the distance 
The Bear Inn One of the best pubs in Derbyshire. 
The Mill pond, in Shining Cliff Woods. 
Ashford FoolowThis walk has many surprises, with excelent views of the limestone plateau, plus an interesting pub for lunch. Apart from Monsal Head car park area it is very quiet, amongst the tourists and cars you can at least buy an ice cream. 
The railway line emerges from a tunnel at Monsal Head, over a viaduct high above the river below. When this structure was built John Ruskin, the poet, was enraged, and spoke of the Muses being banished by a scheme intended to convey a 'Buxton fool to Bakewell in twelve minutes and vice vera' - it is thus an irony of progress that the railway is now gone and the viaduct is itself a listed structure which is considered to add drama to the dale. The railway line is currently being restored, for preserved steam train usage 
Cressbrook Dale is one of five dales in the White Peak, which together make up the Derbyshire Dales National Nature Reserve. There used to be lead mining here. Now it has several SSIs along it's length. The last gibbet in Derbyshire On New Years Day 1815 Anthony Linguard murdered the Wardlow Mires tollbar keeper, Mrs Hannah Oliver for her red shoes. A witness later identified him, and the shoes were found in his house. The shoemaker, a Mr Marsden, remembered some packing in the heel of her shoes with the motto Commit No Crime, which was discovered in the shoes found at Linguards house. At his trial in Derby, he was sentenced to hang. Three months later, his body was exhibited on Peters Stone as a warning to travellers. 
The pub, the Three Stags Head It gets a mention from CAMRA for the original interior, worth a visit just for that, as a bonus there is an interesting selection of beer 
A typical White Peak scene, with a Dew pond in the foreground. 
Looking towards Wardlow Mires 
Looking towards Monsal Head 
The walk starts by the sheep wash bridge, c. 17th century. It was originally a medieval packhorse bridge and it is only until recently, that sheep were washed here prior to shearing. There are 6 wells here which are dressed, by layering petals, leaves and other natural objects into a bed of clay to form an impressive picture. 
AttenboroughAttenborough Nature Reserve The lakes are still used for gravel extraction. It is a very popular spot for bird spotters, there are even purpose buid hides. But before the cafe was build it was very quiet now the car park is usually fairly full. 
Gravel extraction started in 1929 and is still going on today The Process of mineral extraction has led to the creation of many areas of open water. Most of the soil removed in order to reach the gravel has been deposited back into the water-filled excavations creating a patchwork of lakes and islands. 
The river Trent, looking towards Radclife on Soar Power Station It is not uncommon to see a narrow boat on the river, Beeston Marina is only a mile or so away from here. 
The church of St. Mary The fabric of the chuch dates back to the 12th century. Most of the building was constructed over a 300-year period. Millstone grit, probably transported via the rivers from Derbyshire, was the chosen building material for the original construction and any rebuilding over the 14th, 15th, and 16th centuries. 
The cafe was opened in 2005, it is very eco friendly, except that before it opened there were very few cars in the car park, now it is generally fairly full. 
Black RocksAn easy, short walk, with some surprisingly good views 
Steeple Grange, this was an old narrow gauge mineral railway, it is now open during the summer for train rides etc. 
Middleton Top, here there are the reminants of the old winding engine, there is a vistor center and car park here now where bicycles can be rented. There is no need to be aware of the trains! 
Once of the many derilict Lime Kilns that can be seen in the White Peak 
Harboro Rocks, a fascinating rock formation, some easy scambling is required to get to the top, you may even see some rock climbers here From the top there is a good view , in the distance is Carsington Reservoir This was the site of an iron age setllement, in front of the trig point there once stood a chambered tomb. It contained sixteen skeletons, which were dated c. 2,5000 BC. Several artefacts were found here including a coral mounted broach, a bronze pin, two iron spearheads and some pottery dating back to the Early Iron Age. 
Whitelow farm, a typlical misty winter's day view of the White Peak, with one of our quaries in the distance. By the way, the view is of one our our typical 'B' roads 
The Nelson Arms in Wirksworth by Middleton, the pub welcomes walkers, an interesting old fashioned local pub. The lane is just outside the village, from here it is only a short walk to Black Rocks which can be seen on the horizon. Once you get past the old barn and climb the obligatory hill. 
Black Rocks BlueThis is the blue waymarked route from the upper Black Rocks car park, near Wirksworth. My 81 year old mother had 'no' problems on this walk, a bit steeep to start with then a pleasant downhil walk through the trees and finally an easy stroll along the High Peak Trail back to the car park. 
This is the highest point on the walk, next to the trig point and radio mast. Looking towards Carsington reservoir and one of the limestone quaries near Wirksworth. 
This is Back Rocks An area used by school groups to try out rock climbing and abseiling 
Bonsal WinsterThis walk is based on one from the book 'Walking Peakland Trackways' by Mike Creswell, these are mainly circular walks based on information from the Dodds' book 'Peakland Roads and Trackways'. Normally I would not walk in this area, but I was very pleasantly surprised, the views were excellent. The GPS seemed to be having a bad day! The walk did not start at -2m, I assume the tree cover by the road at the start caused it some problems. 
Moorlands Lane. What is now a quaint overgrown track between two stone walls, was at one time the road to the opencast workings at the Western end of the lane. As can be seen, in a few years nature soon takes over. 
The view looking North, towards Eyam moor. The heather was just begining to bloom. This view is typical of the ones seen on this part of the walk. 
Winster was once a very prosperous lead mining village, as can be seen by the quality of the houses. At one time it had over 20 public houses, alas this is no longer the case! Winster Market House This is now owned by the National Trust, it was bought by them in 1906, the first property owned by the National Trust in Derbyshire. It was probably erected during the late seventeenth century. 
The Miners Standard The pub is a 17th Century free house enjoying views over surrounding Peak Park hills and valleys. The name refers to the dish traditionally used by the miners for measuring the lead ore and, in keeping with the mining tradition, there are many reminders within the building of the district's links with the lead industry. Lead Ore House This was used as a 'bank safety deposit box' to store Lead Ore. It has a chute which was used to deposit the Lead Ore. 
One of the very many quarries that can be seen in the Peak District. They are not usually this obtrusive. Just turn your head to one side and you see a more typical view. 
Bonsal is a typical Peak District village, the carnival period , and well dressing, was comming to an end. The honeypot town of Matlock Bath is only a couple of miles away, Bonsal is a superb contrast. The path out of the village was interesting, a series of steps climbing out of the village between the houses. 
CarsingtonBasically a walk around Carsington Reservoir, starting from Kirk Ireton, which is a very picturesque village. With a pub halt in Carsington Village. Although there is a visitor center by the reservoir, the pub, as usuall, wins out! The walk was surprisingly hilly on the opposite side to the visitor center. If cycling go around the lake clockwise. 
From the southern car park it is an easy 20 minute, level walk, to the visitor center. 
Opposite the visitors center, on the Eastern side of the reservoir. The track is used by walkers, cyclists and horse riders, along it there is the occasional sculpture. In places cyclists and walkers have diferent tracks to follow. 
Christmas just a stroll to the local shops before the Christmas festivities 
The Lock Keepers CottageOne of the few still remaining on the canal network and arguably the best preserved. 
Just opposite the canal is Toton Sidings, a haven for train anoraks! 
Canal BoatA lot of people buy houses backing onto the canal so they can have 'free' mooring for their narrow boats. 
Long EatonThe main street, now pedestrianised. 
Cottage FarmA short 'Family Walk' from the Erewash County Council walking guides. 
CrichCrich is famous for two things, well three if you count Crich Stand In the ITV series 'Peak Practice" it was used as Cardale in the first few series It is also home to the Tramway village, there are some photographs, as the walk crosses the tracks. The ascent value is probably wrong, a lot of the walk is through the Derwent Valley, which has steep sides and tree cover, this caused the GPS to loose the satelite lock several times. 
One of the artifacts on the canal, a sunken boat 
Gregory Tunnel, it is about 80 yards long and has a tow path running along side it The canal was opened in 1792 The Friends of the Cromford Canal are trying to restore it, see their Web Site. 
The walk crosses the tram lines at the terminus, it is fascinating to watch how the trams 'turn around'. 
A view of Crich looking towards Crich Stand Crich Stand is a memorial to the Sherwood Foresters Regiment, it stands some 1,000 ft. above sea level and it is said on a clear day you can see 8 counties from it 
Dale AbbeyThe walk was supposed to be from Millers Dale Station, but our plans changed so we did a local walk instead. It is surprising what is on your own doorstep! We even managed to pick some blackberries. Download walks Most of walk can be found on the Erewash Council web site. Just search for 'Country Walks', this one was made up from these walks:- Family Walk 3 Risley 1 Hermits Walk 15 The Farmer's Walk PDF verions of the walks can be downloaded. 
Even in Derbyshire we do have some rolling countryside. The farmers were just preparing the fields for their winter crops. 
Blackerries We were in the blackberry season, unfortunately most had been picked, but we did find the odd good crop. They were excellent, eaten in a pancake with ice cream. 
All Saints Church The curious little church of All Saint's, measuring just 26 feet by 25 feet, probably one of the smallest in the country, shares a roof with an adjoining farmhouse. The church dates back originally to the mid 12th century, altered in 1480, to give it it's present form. It contains a pulpit that dates from 1634 and the whole interior appears rather crammed with it's box pews and open benches. The farmhouse was once possibly used as an infirmary for the Abbey. For some time before 1820 it was used as a pub called the Blue Bell, the bar being used as a vestry, with a door into the aisle. It was rebuilt in 1883. The Carpenters Arms A pleasant enough pub, serves food, we had a very nice pint of Adnams Broadside. The pub dates back to the 1600s 
The view over Furnace Pond Farm, looking towards the Windmill at the Cat & Fiddle. 
Twitchel The footpath out of Stanton-by-Dale towards No Man's Lane. 
Power Station Radcliffe on Soar power station does dominate the landscape and can be seen from miles around. 
DuffieldDuffield This walk was an organised one from from The Amber Valley and Erewash Walking Festival. These are walks organised by the county councils of Erewash and the Amber Valley. I frequently drive past the start point but have never walked here, a pleasant walk spoit by the mist. The pub is amazing, if you are a real ale fan! The walk does not go below sea level, a basic GPS is notoriously innacruate when evaluating the height. 
The Holly Bush Inn if you are a real ale fan, this is the pub to visit, always has a good selection of guest beers and they even sell Belgian fruit beers. 
EltonOne of the shorter walks Best done either when it is frozen or very dry as Gratton Dale is always a quagmire Elton is typical village, it has a Youth Hostel, a church and as usual a pub across from the church 
Dale End is a small hamlet just down from Elton. About 100 yards from the road is the Lime Kiln, one of many to be seen in the White Peak. The cows are generally docile, but can be inquisitive 
Long Dale is one of those hidden valleys that are well worth walking. 
As can be seen trees don't allways grow upwards! The bridge is at the top end of Bradford Dale, near Middleton, you may see a field of Trabbants there. 
Youlgreave, where the lunch time pub is. In the center of the village is the water pump, no longer used. Behind it, the white building, is 'Thimble Hall' the smallest house in England There is also a Youth Hostel here, in the old Co-op building. 
Erewash CanalA geo tagging test along the Erewash Canal 
Test tag 1 
Test tag 2 
Test tag 3 
EyamEyam A short walk to Eyam, 'The Plague Village', with some very nice views expecially around the lunch time stop at The Barrel Inn. 
Eyam Although Eyam has the reputation of being 'The Plague Village', it does has some surprises. The plague cottages have plaques describing who died there, the church has an exhibition about the history of the plague. The village has some very interesting old stone cottages and items like the trough which was used for washing clothes. Plus the odd Llama of course! The Plague In September 1665, a travelling tailor received a parcel of cloth that was infested with plague-carrying fleas. One by one, the villagers came down with the disease. It might have spread to the rest of the county but for the rector William Mompesson. He persuaded the villagers not to flee, but to stay in self-imposed quarantine until the plague had run its course. When it had, in October 1666, almost three quarters of the villagers 259 people from 76 families were dead. Church of St Lawrence The Parish Church of St Lawerence partly dates from the 12th century and pro 
The Barrel Inn As the sign says this is the highest pub in Derbyshire dating back to 1597, the views are spectacular. From the front looking down at the fields, with their stone walls, and from the back there is open moor land. Food It has a very good reputation for the food it serves, the menu, although not cheap, is very varied and the food is excellent. 
Sir William Hill Road The walk started at the highest point, going along Sir William Hill Road, which was once the Sheffield Turnpike Road. Burdetts Map of Derbyshire (surveyed 1762-67) shows this route as a Turnpike Road, being part of a route linking Buxton with the Sheffield area. From here the chimney of LadyWash Mine can be seen which was worked until quite recently for the extraction of fluorspar. Who was Sir William? The hill was known as Sir William at least as far back as 1692, it could be one of these. The 1st Sir William Cavendish (1505-1557) was the husband of Bess of Hardwick. The 1st Earl of Devonshire (1552-1625) was also Sir William, and was knighted by Henry VIII for his role in the dissolution of the monasteries. The 2nd Earl (1590 -1628) was dubbed Sir William while in his late teens. In 1616, Mary, Countess of Pembroke, gave the Parish of Eyam to her relatives, the Savilles of Beeley. Sir William Saville, t 
Golf CourseJust a short stroll around the local golf course, to try out the new Geo Tagging option. 
Hartington AlstonfieldHartingtonA misty day but it did brighten up. 
Peak LowLooking towards one of the many Neolithic burial sites in the Peak District. The stone walls were build during the Enclosures, in the 18th century.  
AlstonfieldConsidering it was a misty Friday in December, the pub was very full.  
MilldaleThe field patterns visible on the climb up from the river.  
Coldeaton BridgeLooking along Dove Dale towards Milldale. 
Highfield LaneOne of the old roads, recently resurfaced, near the Youth Hostel. 
Hartington LongnorHartingtonYet another Hartington walk, on consecutive days, this one heads towards Longnor, the return journey following the river is always muddy, this year more so than usual. 
LongnorTo my mind a far nicer village than Hartington, it has at least 4 pubs and a chip shop.The Crewe and Harpur Arms serves some very adventurous meals.As can be seen there used to be a market here years ago. 
Pilsbury Castle HillsPilsbury Castle is an 11th century earthwork motte and baileys fortress, founded by Henry de Ferrers. The large flat-topped motte, is encased by a wide ditch and the eastern bailey, is defended by a steep-sided limestone reef, which is crowned by an unusual high outcrop and the foundations of a narrow, rubble wall. The southern bailey which has been damaged by ploughing, is defended by a low encasing rampart and ditch.We are looking towards Longnor and Parkhouse Hill. 
HartingtonJust to the right, out of frame, is the dairy that makes Hartington Stilton. 
Waggon LowIt looked like an interesting photograph. 
PislburyOne of the signs where the footpath crosses the road. 
HartingtonFor some reason this is one of the main honey pot villages of Derbyshire.The cheese shop sells Hartington Blue Stilton , made in the factory behind the shop, it does a roaring trade near Christmas. the Blue Stilton is excellent. 
Hartington MilldaleHartington is one of the main "honeypot" villages in Derbyshire. Best to be avoided on bank holiday weekends. The cheese shop is well worth a visit, the Hartington Stilton is excelent. There is also a Youth Hostel on the outskirts of the vliiage, this walk goes past it. 
This is the footpath, not a stream! Considering there is a hosepipe ban in some areas of England at the moment, somewhat of a surprise. 
We were accosted by these two mallards who were on the scrounge for some food. 
The river Dove was rather high today. A shortcut to Alstonfied can be taken by crossing the bridge and walking up the hill. 
Here is an example of the muddy footpaths we can get. This one is caused, as nearly all are, by farm traffic and the amount of walkers there are along these popular foot paths. From Gipsy Bank there is an excellent view of Wolscote Dale, looking towards Coldeaton Bridge. Along the river Dove there are some very interesting Limestone rock formations 
Altonfield, a very pretty out of the way village with a very nice old church and, of cource, a pub. 
Hartington is one of the popular 'honeypot' villages in Derbyshire, it can become very crowded, especially on Bank Hollidays. The cheese shop is excellent, try the Hartington Stilton, there is a village pump here and the Youth Hostel is in very interesting old building. I noticed they now even have a wedding licence! The view is from the track, just past the Youth Hostel, looking back towards Harington 
Higger TorThe day was superb, just like a spring day, temperature around +10C, lots of people around for a SaturdaynnThe next time I do this walk I must REMEMBER it is on the Dark Peak map! Fortunately I have been walking in the Peak District long enough not to need a map on this walk.nnNeedless to say we got to the pub just on 12:00. 
Hope CasteltonIn future I must remember never to lend out my GPS, as it was not returned prior to this walk, therefore the track was created using GPS Track Maker and the elevations evaluated using Earthtools webservice. As a consequence all the photographs are displayed at the startpoint not a the locations they were taken, plus the distance etc. are only approximate. A pleasant but misty day with a little snow and ice on the tops, the path taking the contour around Lose Hill was superb well worth the detour, it ends at the bottom of Back Tor. 
The photographs just do not do justice to the views we had, the mist has 'spoilt' the shots, but it has given them some atmosphere. The first shot is just past Lose Hill farm just as we were approaching the snow line. The second and third shots are Brocket Booth Plantation and the view across to Castleton. Our normal route is to climb Lose Hill and go down Back Tor, but the sheet ice, by the last style before the final climb to Lose Hill, put us off, but the views from Brocket Booth Woods were superb, it is the first time I have walked this route. Fourth and fifth are Mam Tor Ridge and Mam Tor. Lastly is the pub, The George in Castleton, just across the road from the church, which has a copies of the 'Vinegar' and 'Breeches"' Bibles on display. 
Little LongstoneA short walk after stopping off in Hathersage to pop into the hiking shops The lunch time pub at Warlow Mires was shut, so we made a rapid detour to the one at Foolow! 
Long CausewayToday's walk was planned to be around Matlock, but as the weather was so good, we decided to walk the edges. It looked like all the car parks in Chesterfield were full as we drove past at 9:00 a.m. but the hills we very quiet, Christmas shopping does have it's good points! 
Stanage EdgeThe colours were superb when the sun came out, and an interesting contrast when looking down on the valley around Hathersage. 
HathersageThe pub, serves good beer and the prices are very good.As it was Christmas a nativity scene by the side of the road. Hathersage was very quiet today. 
WindyThe wind was blowing the water backwards, it made walking awkward some times.Once again looking towards Stanage Edge. 
The ChurchLittle John, of Robin Hood fame, is buried here.Charlotte Bronte is known to have stayed with her friend Ellen Nussey at Hathersage Vicarage in 1845 and it is generally believed that she based Morton, in her novel, Jane Eyre, on the village and probably the heroine's surname, from the ancient Eyre family, who had been lords of the manor here for 800 years.Robert Eyre is said to have built 7 houses in Hathersage for his 7 sons, all within sight of each other and of his own home. North Lees Hall, still standing, is thought to have been the model for Thornfield in the book. 
Looking towards the dams. 
Rud Hill Just starting, it is hard to believe, but Shefield is just over the horizon.  
Stanage EdgeThere are many old mill stones and crushing wheels to be seen in the area, this one is just below High Neb, 
Callow bankThe final climb back to the car parked at Upper Burbage Bridge 
Mam TorThe day started off misty but cleared in the afternoon when we walked along the Mam Tor Ridge. This is a very popular walk as can be seen by the massive amount of work that has been done laying slabs on the path, to try and curb the erosion. 
Mam TorA rather atmospheric view of Mam Tor. The trees hide the pay and display car park, but there is free parking on the road, where most of the walkers park. 
Mam Tor This is a very popular spot, with a pay and display car park, in summer there are hundreds of people here, some even manage to get out of the car park. The photographs are taken looking along Rushup Edge. 
Back Tor Two views, one to Back Tor along the ridge, the other looking back towards Mam Tor. 
Hope As usual the lunch time pub. Although the bar is carpeted they don't seem to mind muddy walkers. 
Cave Dale We took the opportunity to pop into one of the hiking shops to buy a few sit mats, these are wonderful, inventions! The views, as always, along Cave Dale were superb. 
MonyashThe walk follows a part of the old Derby Manchester turnpike Even though Monyash is at the top of Lathkill Dale and very popular with walkers, this walk via Chelmorton has very good views and is generally quiet. We only saw about 8 people, considering this was a Sunday in June that was sunny and warm, was really amazing! The pub at Taddington was most welcome, and had a good selection of beer! 
This well dressing scene was in the corner of the car park. 
Padley GorgeA superb day, a bit chilly but the views were great 
Coppice Wood A very nice wood, next to the river Derwent, but also next to the main road. 
Longshaw Estate Now owned by the National Trust, the lodge is now private flats. 
Carl Wark Fort Looking towards the Iron Age setttlement, from the top of Padley gorge 
The Setting SunThe temperature was starting to drop, looks like winter may finally be with us. 
The PubIt had a very interesting Guy Fawkes beer, it make the climb up towards Curbar Gap very interesting. 
Coppice Wood We are just about to drop into Coppice Wood. 
Padley Gorge A pleasant walk down the gorge. 
River Derwent Just a view of some of the trees. 
Robin Hood Grouse InnAt last a walk in the snow, well there was a dusting of in on White Edge The morning was very cold, even the batteries in my camera froze up, they recovered after an hour or so in the pub 
The Grouse Inn, the pub serves food and is in an islolated position near the Longshaw Estate 
The start of Froggat Edge, looking towards the Dark Peak and Mam Tor 
Eagle Stone, one of several eroded stones, very close to The Wellingtons Monument A popular, easy walk, as can be seen by the erosion casued by the walkers, horse riders and cyclists 
just below the plateau of White Edge, looking towards Chatsworth House in the White Peak 
There is even a pub at the start of this walk 
ShardlowShardlow Another local walk, this time along the Erewash and Trent and Mersey Canals, and the Trent and Derwent Rivers. The route back follows the coffin road between Church Wilne and Draycot. Construction for the Erewash Canal was started in 1776, during it's heyday it was the most profitable canal in the country. In the 18th century Shardlow was a very busy inland port, it is now one of the best preseved canal towns in England. 
Trent Lock This is where the Erewash Canal joins the River Trent. There are two pubs here, plus a tea room. As can be seen there are some interesting house boats along the canal. Just opposite is the coal fired Radcliffe on Soar power station, a 2,000-megawatt station. 
Shardlow Shardlow is one of the best preserved canal towns in England, once one of the busiest inland ports in the country, situated on the Trent and Mersey canal. As the name impies it links the Trent and Mersey rivers, it was built by James Brindley, opening in 1777. It runs for a distance of 93.5 miles and is now used mainly by pleasure craft, narrow boats. There is an old sign saying how far Preston Brook, on the Mersey, is from Shardlow. Cavendish Bridge A horse drawn ferry used to exist to cross the river, this was replaced by a bridge in 1760, which was washed away in 1947. The tolls are displayed on the grass verge next to the bridge. At one time this was the London to Manchester turnpike, the A6, the A50 now bypasses the village, so most of the traffic has now gone. 
Sir William Hill AbneyOne of the standard walks done at the end of August to see the heather, and the pub of course The heather was excellent this year, but the weather was not, drizzly all day, we were even rained on sitting outside the pub during lunch. So there is no photo of it, but here is a link to The Barrel Inn web site. The views from the pub are excellent on a good day. 
The start, as can be seen the morning was rather misty. The views are towards Hathersage and the Edges. A pleasant walk through the heather, heading towards Hazleford Hall. 
Abney Clough From Stoke Ford the path rises through overhanging trees. Usually there are some very beligerant cows on this section, as they use the track, it is very muddy in places 
Bretton Clough There was a lot of lead mining in this area, these are the spoil heaps that remain. 
Just over the wall from Sir William Hill road the heather starts The views are towards Abney Moor, and Baslow/Curbar Edge 
The NookJust a short local stroll by the golf course 
The view to Risley looking over a field of oil seed rape 
ToadmoorA surprisingly nice walk short walk startimg in Ambergate The GPS did struggle on the walk as large portions of it were in forests, plus the mist and the rain did not help The Bear In was most welcome for lunch 
A grey, drizzly day, the pub was nice though. 
White EdgeOne of the classic White Peak walks. Unfortunately it was a misty day so the views were not as good as they could have been, plus the heather did not look it's best. 
Looking over Shefield Road towards White Edge and the track up to White Edge, from the road to Curbar Gap. 
Looking along White Edge, back towards Chatsworth, we are near to The Grouse Inn, so not far to go for lunch. 
Curbar Edge This is one of the most popular walks in the Peak District. There is a car park at Curbar Edge, from there is is a very easy walk, you can even take a pram if you wish, although it is bit rough in places. In summer there are plenty of 'crag rats' swarming over the edges. The edges may not be very high, c. 30m, but they do have some very diffcult climbs. Watching someone free climb them is very interesting! 
Jack Flat These are the woods below Wellingtons Monument, most of the walk has wide open expansive views over the moors or farm land, this make an interestimng contrast. Considering the summer was supposed to have been the 3rd hotest on record, there does not seem to be much evidence of drought. 
The start is from the car park next to The Robin Hood Inn The view is looking towards Chatsworth House 
Youlgreave BakewellThis was not the walk we planned, but as it was misty we decided on doing a lower level walk instead.It did brighten up later though so we did see some of the autumnal colours. 
Lathkill DaleThis is one of the famous Peak District dales, and is very popular with walkers, necessitating the path to be upgraded to a hard surface in many places.The river is very popular with fisherman, and is manged very carefully. The weir is too maintain the level of the river, it is next to a pack horse bridge.Raper LodgeThis is a rather nice old private house next to the river. 
Magpie MineThe Magpie Mine, just South of Sheldon, was one of the most famous lead mines in the Peak District and is the only one with a significant part of its building still standing,The known history of it stretches back to 1739, but it is probably older. Lead mining here stopped in the 1950s. 
BakewellAs can bee seen it is a very popular market town, it still has its cattle market and an the end of each month a farmers market.Bakewell PuddingBakewell is of course famous for its pudding, it should NOT be referred to as 'Bakewell Tart', the photo is of one of the many original Bakewell Pudding shops! 
Burton ClosesIt is now a nursing home.Unfortunately I have been unable to find out much more about it. 


Ambergate Ambergate The lunch time pub, The Bear, is well worth a vist, very atmospheric.  
Back TorA wonderful walk this time of the year, when the heather is out. This year we were a couple of weeks too early though 
From the layby on the bridge you very soon get onto the tops, the last climb has been very badly eroded by walkers 
Once on the tops it is very level, there are excellent views all around, with some very interesting rock formations. The peat has been so badly eroded by walkers that very large flag stones have had to be used on the paths. These have to be brought up by helipcoter, at great expense, there must be several miles of these flag stones. 
The afternoon walk is along the other side of the valley, with some good views back to where we were in the morning. The photographs is of the Snake Road 
Calton Lees Calton Lees in the car park in the grounds of Chatsworth House, near the garden center.  
Cave Dale Cave Dale  
Grouse InnThe Grouse Inn 
High Peak Junction The walk starts by the Cromford Canal and the High Peak Trail junction, i.e. at the car park next to the sewerage farm!  
Sheep Pasture Incline, slightly above the workshops and catch pit at High Peak Junction 
Sheep Pasture Incline, just below the Engine House near Black Rocks 
The view across the Derwent Valley, near Cromford Station 
The view looking towards Matlock from Hearthstone Lane. 
The view looking towards Matlock from Hearthstone Lane. 
Leawood pumping station was built in 1849 at a cost of 80,000 to raise water from the Derwent river to the Cromford Canal It uses a Watt-type beam engine from Grahams of Elscar, it pumped for 99 years, raising 31 tons of water per minute. Now restored, on certain days the boilers are fired and the beam engine works once again. 
High Peak Junction, on the Cromford and High Peak railway, which has the distinction of being the only railway in England that was bult to link two canals together The goods warf and workshops can be seen here, the workshops are open to the public and the old offices are used as an information center, Just along the trail, by the main road bridge is the catch pit, which was built in 1869 to catch run away waggons 
Lathkill DaleLathkill Dale 
Millers Dale Tunstead The walk goes past Brindley's cottage, or should I say the sight of it.  
Rowsley Rowsley  
Sir William Hill The lunch time pub, The Barrel, has superb views overlooking Eyam, the plague village. The church has an interesting exhibition about the plague, the houses in the village have plaques commemorating who died there.  
Thors Cave Thor's Cave  

User tedc Cycling


Hemington First ride of the year perhaps I will manage 1,000 miles this year and the first with my new rear light, £3.26 from China, 120 Lumens and rechargeable. 


Kegworth I was annoyed the cycle path, under the A50, has been closed for 8 months and there is no easy alternative route. 
St. Bernards Abbey A ride to get some Tynt Meadow, the only trappist beer brewed in the UK, the longest ride of the year and the GPS batteries failed! Also I got a puncture, possibly someone is looking down on me with disaproval. 



Long Eaton Just a trip to WH Smith to pick up a book I had on order. 


Shardlow This is the first time I have used my Etrex since I glued the rand back on using silicon sealant, let's see how long it will last! Track ID 858 


Shardlow My first long(ish) ride of the year, I must have seen over a dozen cyclists out today. 
Shardlow My first reasonable ride with my Brooks B17 saddle, it felt very weird on my first short ride, but now it is at least as good as my old saddle and hopefully it will improve over time. 
Trent Lock Just a short ride as the sun was out, for a change, and to look at the river levels. 
Not quite flooded yet but if we get more rain it will be, all the steps near the lock gates were under water. 
Even the Derwent had burst it's banks, I decided not to ride through it so I back tracked to the main road. 


Aston On Trent Aston on Trent My first ride with my first every cycling helmet.  
Castle Donnington Castle Donnington This is he same ride as yesterday, I did not set the GPS correctly, so decided to do the route again, and copy the gpx file!  
Matlock Bath Matlock Bath When I bought my new bike, a Raleigh Royal, my first goal was to cycle to Matlock Bath, as I used to do when I was a school kid. I managed it surprsingly easily. The next goal is to cycle 100 miles in a day. I even took a "short cut" on the way home. 
Shardlow Shardlow My first short ride with my new shoes and cleats. They do seem very impressive and I haven't fallen off yet!  

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