Poles deported to Siberia c. 1940 - Documentation

My mother made a claim in 2012 and was awarded 382 Złoty a month, it has to be paid into a Polish bank account though.

The organisation dealing with this is "URZĄD DO SPRAW KOMBATANTÓW I OSÓB REPRESJONOWANYCH". I would suggest contacting them to get the latest application forms etc.

They replied to letters by return of post, but the forms we filled in were difficult to follow, also we never found anywhere that we could get some information for the claim. All that was sent to us were the claim forms and a list of organisations which might have the documentary proof that they needed. In my mother's case the following two links provided all the information that was required.


List of the names of people deported, Sikorski Museum, London, England.

Index of Victims of Soviet Repression. The "Index of Victims of Soviet Repression" is the only on-going research programme in Poland dealing with the comprehensive documentation of the fate of named Polish citizens who suffered repression at the hands of the Soviet Communist Party apparatus during the period 1939-1956.


After just over 12 months the money was fianlly paid but due to a mistake with an address she finally received the money after 16 months.

It was paid via the poczta, using a friend's address who now has to transfer it to her UK bank account.

We will now try and open a Polish internet accessible bank account, that has a debit card, but the ones we have found need her to apply in person. So it looks like we will have to get a cheap flight to Poland for a short holiday!

This is what we did, an excellent holiday, the Internet Bank Account was opened very quickly, it was up and running before we left the bank! The bank we used was Bank Zachodni WBK.


If you find out more information than I managed please let me know using the contact form, so I may add it to this page to hopefully help other people.

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