Points of Interest (POI)

Having bought a New Nissan Note, with an integrated SatNav, I wanted to have speed and red light camera notifications. Using the data from OpenStreetMap I found a very simple way of doing this, all the data is free to use but is © OpenStreetMap contributors. the data is available under the Open Database License.

Download - Install

If you just want to download the speed camera POIs the csv files are below, they are updated during the first 5 weekdays of the month.

Download Update Frequency
Europe December and June
UK Monthly, first Monday

The file is legal and free of any charge, donations are of course accepted, or simply visit some of the advertisers on this page.

To install the csv file follow the instructions in your Connect manual.


I use Linux but there are Windows verions of the programs available I think.

From OpenStreetmap download the program osmosis see http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Osmosis and a relevant data file such as british-isles-latest.osm.bz2 from http://download.geofabrik.de/

All that you need to do is parse the file and create the csv file.

There are data sets available for all coutries of the world but they can be very big, the Europe one is c. 14GB


It seems that the csv format is the same as Garmin, it should be possible to convert the csv file to any other SatNav format. There are lots of online tools for this, or try the excellent freeware program gpsbabel

I can not verify if this will work but try something like this for the TomTom format:-

gpsbabel -i garmin_poi -f camera.csv -o tomtom -F camera.ov2


Any questions or requests? Please use the Contact page.

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