Flash - Playing BBC Websites

After a certain version it stopped working, Adobe removed some feature, so get this file-:


and overwrite /usr/lib/flashplugin-installer/libflashplayer.so

Remove Web Browser Adverts

Simply modify the hosts file as descibed here . . .

Ubuntu "Drag & Drop"

Drag the file then press <ALT> <TAB> to bring the other programs to the foreground.


Cycling Equipment

Shoes Shimano SH-XC30L size 43
Cassette Shimano CS-HG30-8l
Chainset No teeth (assumed) 28-38-48
Tyres Schwalbe Marathon Green Guard


Radiator Thermostat settings

Room Setting
Upstairs Bedroom 3
Landing 2
Bathroom 4
Study 3.5
Downstains Bedroom 3
En-suite 4
Kitchen 4.5
Living room 5
Toilet 3


Kitchen lights

MinSun GU10 Halogen bulb, 35W GU10, 480 lumen, equivalent 50W, colour temp 2800K

modo LED PAR16 GU10 bulb, 4.5W colour temp 2800K



Medicines that cause problems

Medicine Symptoms
Causes lips to swell

Medicines that work

Medicine Illness
Augmentin 625mg Urinary Infection

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