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This is just a list of the steps required an the 3rd party software that is required to automate uploading a track from a GPS, geotagging the images, renaming the file name with the OSGB location and creating a resized version of the photograph. As there are a lot of variations to this, it is up to you to down load the 3rd party software and write your own scripts.

This is how I do it, you may not want to use some of the conversions/steps that I do.

Software Required

Step Software Description/Usage
1 Copy the photographs from the camera/memory card
2 gpsbabel Upload the track from GPS in GPX format

gpsbabel -i garmin -t -f /dev/ttyS1 -o gpx -F track.gpx

3 Geotag all the photographs in a directory
4 exiftool Gets the Lat/Long data from each photograph individually
5 Geo::Coordinates::OSGB Perl module to convert WGS84 Lat/Long to OS GB co-ordinates from CPAN.
6 Rename the file, possibly using the name of the walk, and insert the OS or Lat/Long co-ordinates, so you end up with a file titled something like this:-

Dragons_Back_4473 2009-05-29 SK 07070 66889.jpg

Element Description
Dragons_Back Title of the walk
4473 The number of the photograph
2009-05-29 The date the photograph was taken YYYY-MM_DD
SK 07070 66889 The location the photograph was taken from
7 nconvert Create a resized version of the renamed photograph.

nconvert -q 60 -quiet -rflag orient -ratio -resize 800 0
-o output_file -keepfiledate input_file

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