GeoTagGPx is a freeware program written by NDW Ltd. Its purpose is to add Lat/Long information to a JPG file by parsing a GPX track file. It was written because the author could not find any suitable freeware to perform this simple task. It is a Windows  'DOS' program, working from the command line, the is no graphical interface, but should there be sufficient feed back, one may be produced.


Simply unzip the contents of the ZIP file into a directory on your PC.


GeoTagGPX -g D:\photo\*.gpx   -d D:\photo\ -o -60


-d JPG directory, there must be a trailing '\'
-g Path/name of the GPX file, can be *.gpx
-o Offset. The number of minutes to add/subtract to the GPX track time to match the date in the JPG file, the default is zero.
-h This Help display
-v Program version
-x Diagnostic


To find out what the date/time the JPG file was taken just run "exiv2 -pt file.jpg" or click on a thumbnail in the upload photographs page.

To get the GPX  time simply view the GPX file in a text editor and look for something like this:-

<trkpt>lat="52.922043712" lon="-1.298146825">

The way I work is to create a directory on my PC, e.g. d:\photos and copy the JPGs from the camera and the GPX file into this directory, I then have a .bat file I run that simply contains these lines:-

GeoTagGPX -g D:\photo\*.gpx   -d D:\photo\
pause Press any key to continue


This is a very simple program, it uses the free ware program exiv2.exe from to read and modify the JPG file, see the file exiv2-man.html for more information about it, which can be found in the download zip file as well..

When the program runs it will create several files, these are used internally and can be ignored.

_output.tmp This contains all the EXIF data from the JPG file, this is parsed to get the Exif.Photo.DateTimeOriginal data
_error_jpg.txt Any errors that are found whilst parsing the JPG file
err_cmd.txt Any errors that were produced when using the cmd.txt file
cmd.txt The command file used to update the JPG file


Please report any bugs or suggestions via our forum or the contacts page at GPSSharing.

Version History

Version Description
1.00 Initial release
1.01 Tidied up the display
1.02 Found bug when converting rational values.
1.03 Improved precision when checking date/time values.
Added elevation details.

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