As the title implies our new kitchen, from Kitchen Vision in Stapleford. Their after sales service does leave something to be desired, on 14th March 2014 it was agreed the kitched tap was faulty and would be replaced, finally replaced on 3rd July after numerous emails and a visit, with the implied thread of court action, yet again. Not a company I would ever deal with again I could not go through all the arguments, hassle, problems and faults again.

Nearly there

Finished painting - hopefully!

Nearly there, the blinds have been fitted, just a few more things to buy.

We just need to get the floor sorted out, as we both have tripped over on the tiles. After we threatened them with court action the grouting was re done, we now longer trip over, but according to them it is acceptable for a chair to rock on the floor, evidently the floor has been laid 'to the industry standard' and this is acceptable.

Acording to the tile company there is nothing wrong with this tile, the photo was taken on a very dull day, the fault was reported in November and finally fixed in April. They even said I had modified the photograph, the tiling company has never actually inspected the tiling. When the tiler came to replace the tile I re-shot the photo in his presence and asked him to take a photo with his phone. This still did not change his bosses opinion!

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